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    Here's How To Make The Best Macarons At Home

    Next step: Open your very own macaron shop.

    With their crispy meringue shells and smooth ganache filling, macarons are swoon-worthy.

    But how do you achieve the perfect balance between crispy and chewy? How do you get a super smooth top? How do you make them look so pretty?!

    To answer all these questions and more, we made hundreds of macarons over several months and used those learnings to develop our own recipe — that you can make in your own kitchen.

    Here's what we found out was crucial to making the best macarons at home. You can also find Tasty's Macaron Recipe at the bottom of this post.

    Fair warning: We made the recipe as easy as we could, but it's still pretty involved. That's part of the deal when you want to make macarons. But the good news is: They're totally worth it.

    1. First thing first, make sure the weather is on your side before you decide to get started.

    2. Let the egg white come to room temperature for at least thirty minutes before you get started.

    3. This is not macaron-specific but more of a general pro-tip: Use your hands instead of the egg shells to separate the whites from the yolks.

    4. When it comes to your dry ingredients, the finer, the better. So if you have a food processor, it's time to use it.

    5. After you've pulsed the dry ingredients in the food processor, sift them a few times to make sure they're at their finest.

    6. Add a pinch of salt to your egg whites before you beat them. That'll help stabilize them.

    7. Beat the egg whites until they're frothy and no longer translucent and then start gradually adding the sugar.

    8. Once all the sugar is added, keep beating until you get stiff peaks.

    9. To double check if your peaks are stiff enough, flip the bowl upside down, if nothing moves or falls out, it's ready.

    10. Only add the vanilla once you've beaten the egg whites to a stiff peak stage.

    11. If you're using food coloring, use gel instead of liquid food coloring.

    12. When it's time to combine the wet and dry ingredients, start by adding only a third of the dry ingredients to the meringue, and fold it in gently until combined.

    13. You know it's ready when the texture looks like wet sand ribbons and you can draw a figure 8 with the batter.

    14. Pipe four dots of batter on the baking tray to secure the parchment paper.

    15. The classic size of a macaron is about an inch and a half wide.

    16. Now this is crucial, so make sure you don't skip this step: Once you've piped your macarons, tap the baking tray on the counter several times.

    We swear this step makes a big difference:

    17. Let your macarons rest at room temperature for an hour, until they develop a sort of skin on top.

    18. When you bake them, make sure the oven is at the right temperature and DO NOT OPEN THE OVEN DOOR during baking.

    19. Let the macarons cool down at room temperature for about 20 minutes before transferring to a wire rack so they can cool down completely.

    20. For the filling, we made a vanilla buttercream filling (recipe below), but you can go wild with anything.

    21. When you're piping the filling, make sure you don't pipe too much of it. A dollop smaller than the size of your meringue shells is the way to go.

    22. Ok, one last thing: You're gonna have to wait at least 24 hours before eating your macarons for the best result.

    Here's the complete recipe if you want to make it at home:


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