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15 Headlines From Windsor, Ontario, That Will Make You Say "WTF"

Pretty much Canada's version of Florida.

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3. When this driver was just a little too eager to cross a bridge.

Driver charged in crash on River Canard bridge


4. When the local university handed these shirts out for an STD testing marathon.

Just hit 100 person mark at the Ts for Pee at the U of W. Trying to break record for STD tests in 24 hour frame.

5. When the city was plagued by this violent beef jerky bandit.

Alleged beef jerky thief punches Mac's Milk employee

7. When this man let everyone know how much he loved David Bowie.

Facebook: cbcnews

8. When mother-daughter bonding time went all wrong.

Facebook: CTVWindsor

9. And when this drug smuggler got a little too creative.

Scuba diver arrested in Michigan for trying to swim drugs from Canada into America. Info:

10. When this guy had zero time for the law.

OPP charge driver with having bald tires, open liquor and wrong-coloured car

11. When the city's panhandlers unionized.

Panhandlers asked to pay union dues as new hall opens in Windsor


13. When serious criminal activity demanded a serious police operation.

Windsor police set up a stake out to catch a serial newspaper thief:

15. And, of course, when this Canadian hero slammed back a few brews and successfully swam to America.

was reminded today of this great canadian who overcame adversity to achieve his dream.

16. UPDATE: We've made a terrible mistake and forgot the time an unnamed artist created an iconic penis bush on the waterfront. Please accept our apologies.

Lest we forget the great Penis Bush debaucle in Windsor.