13 Things You Should Know About Sex Shops

    Spoiler: A cup of tea solves everything.

    Sex! We all love it, whether it's with a partner or solo. And everyone knows a few ~naughty~ items from a sex shop can make it even better.

    But despite it being 2016, a lot of us still go a bit pink when we're doing some sexy shopping.

    So we spoke to three sex-shop experts for the lowdown on how to do it.

    1. It's OK to bring a friend.

    2. Think of it like regular shopping.

    3. Do your research.

    4. Leave things to the experts.

    5. Don't pick up just any old lube.

    6. Water-based lube is best.

    7. They won't judge you for buying cookie dough lube. Or for anything else.

    8. It's hard to shock a sex toy sales assistant.

    9. But there is a limit.

    10. There are non-branded bags.

    11. Buying in-store is worth it.

    12. Stories are shared, but not how you think.

    13. Tea and giggles are both welcome.