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    11 Little Things To Make You Smile This Week

    It's not all doom and gloom.

    Not gonna lie, the news has been a bit shit lately.


    Like... really shit.

    So here's a bunch of things that happened recently that prove there's still some joy in the world.

    Animals are heavily involved.

    So go on, crack a smile. It's not all bad!

    1. This kitten who THINKS SHE'S A DOG.

    Kitten thinks she is a dog after being raised by a Husky.

    2. This judge allowing an inmate to meet his 1-month-old son for the first time.

    View this video on YouTube

    3. This amazing boyfriend.

    She'll watch me play 2k for hours, so I'm her personal hype man when she do her make up. If you dont for yours, wyd?

    4. This French bulldog determined to swim.

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    5. This Olympic swimmer finding out she won gold.

    Martin Bureau / AFP / Getty Images

    On Thursday Simone Manuel made history by becoming the first black woman to win an individual swimming event for the USA. Full story here.

    6. This incredible video of "meme queen" Hillary.

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    Your memes are just so dank, Hillary.

    7. Tamera Mowry and her sweet bby girl in matching outfits.

    8. This beautiful moment.

    This is the beautiful moment when a hen party crashed BBC Four's late-night Olympic coverage.

    9. This Instagram account entirely dedicated to pictures of golden retrievers.

    10. These lion triplets giving their mum cuddles.

    View this video on YouTube

    Full story here.

    11. The fact that Simone Biles exists.

    Facebook: video.php

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