25 Drinks You Should Order If You Just Fucking Love Gin

    Because screw vodka.

    There are two types of people in the world: people who like gin, and people who are wrong.

    The problem is, gin's strong botanical flavour makes a lot of people think vodka is a better mixer choice. But GIN IS ALWAYS BETTER THAN VODKA.

    So we asked a bunch of bartenders and industry experts to tell us the essential drinks every gin lover should try. Because gin cocktails > any other cocktail.

    1. A Martini

    2. A Negroni

    3. A Bramble

    4. A Martinez

    5. A Collins Twist

    6. A G&T

    7. A Ford

    8. An Aviation

    9. A French 75

    10. Gin on the rocks

    11. A Pegu Club

    12. A Gin & Ginger

    13. A Floradora

    14. A Hanky Panky

    15. A Southside

    16. A Tom Collins

    17. A Corpse Reviver No. 2

    18. A Gimlet

    19. A White Lady

    20. A Red Snapper

    "A more interesting cousin to the better known Bloody Mary, a Red Snapper swaps out the vodka for gin. This gives more flavour and complexity to the drink, and balances nicely with the tomato juice.

    "A firm favourite for soothing the soul (and your hangover), the Red Snapper, or as it's known as fondly at Meatmission, Yianni's Breakfast, is a hearty drink that will give you strength for the day ahead. After you've had one of these it's hard to switch back to vodka."

    – Holly Willcocks, bar manager at Meatmission, London

    21. An Alaska

    22. A Ramos Gin Fizz

    23. A White Negroni

    24. A Clover Club

    25. A Last Word