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27 Gifts Every Ginthusiast Needs

Gin O'Clock.

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

1. Gin And Tonic Toiletries, £9.99.

Gin in my bath, gin in my belly.

2. Gin And Tonic Lip Balm, £4.95.

The most delicious lip balm you will ever own.

3. Gin Alcoholic Sweets, £9.99.

Elderflower and gin pastilles coated in thyme sugar, and violet and gin pastilles coated in lemon sugar. Each pastille is half a shot – meaning a full box is the equivalent of three shots of gin.

4. "Gym? I Thought You Said Gin!" Bottle, £13.

The ultimate excuse.

5. Gin And Tonic Necklace, £12.

Wear your gin love where everyone can see it.

6. Gin And Tonic Drink Stirrer, £7.95.

Because what else are you going to stir your G&T with? A SPOON? No, because you're not a goddamn savage.

7. "Drink More Gin" Picture, £9.05.

Your mantra.

8. Gin And Tonic Boiled Sweets, £5.

For when you're on the wagon.

9. Sipsmith Sipping Society Membership, £45.


Sipsmith is basically the Willy Wonka's of gin. Every quarter they box up a number of their most exciting gins and pre-batched cocktails (i.e. Lemon Drizzle gin, Bonfire gin, All Hallows Gin, Barrel-Aged Martinez) and send them off in their Quarterly Sipping Service.

10. "Gin, Juniper and Daisy" Candle, £18.10.

Inspired by The Great Gatsby, this candle smells like martini-fuelled parties and gin-soaked nights.

11. Gin Pencils, £4.

Thoroughly stylish stationery.

12. "Shaken Not Stirred: A Celebration of the Martini", £8.99.

A book featuring everything you need to know about Bond's favourite drink, by drink historians, Jared Brown and Anistasia Miller.

13. "Relationship Status: Gin" Mug, £9.95.

What more do you need to know?

14. Elephant Sloe Gin, £29.99.

Elephant Gin

For the gin lover that needs to branch out from their classic London Dry: sloe gin is where it's at.

15. "Fancy A Ginwag" Card, £2.50.

The perfect Christmas card.

16. Gin Coaster, £3.50.

For your G&T. And Your Martini. And your Negroni.

17. Bespoke Blend Gin Kit, £30.

What's better than a bottle of gin? A bottle of gin you've made yourself!

18. Gin And Tonic Earrings, £4.

The sweetest studs ever created.

19. Gin Lapel Pin, £8.

To wear on your lapel with pride.

20. Gin Phone Case, £12.

Forgive me, for I have ginned – me, all day, everyday.

21. Five Mini Negroni Gin Cocktails, £14.95.

Because it's not all about gin and tonic.

22. "I Bloody Love Gin" Tote Bag, £13.95.

For carrying your gin.

23. Great British Gin Tasting Set, £39.99.

Scott Parker

The loveliest of tasting boxes for anyone looking to try the best of British gins.

24. "Let The Evening BeGIN" Chopping Board, £16.50.

Because chopping up the lemon and lime for your G&T on anything else would be a crime.

25. "Gin And Tonic Popcorn", £4.

To munch on while watching the film, "Cocktail".

26. "G And Tea" Caddy Set, £18.

Filled with a delicious "Gin and Tonic" blend of loose leaf tea, and equipped with a strainer, this is the best way to do "non-alcoholic".

27. Gin Truffles, £13.

The fanciest of truffles for the fanciest of gin drinkers.

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