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    19 Essential Items For Ridiculously Good-Looking People

    Sexy and you know it.

    Sian Butcher / BuzzFeed

    1. This makeup bag that tells it like it is.

    2. This mirror phone case.

    For practicing your pout wherever you go. By Lottidot, £14.13.

    3. This super premium hip flask.

    Because you're a bad bitch and you know it. By Skinny Dip, £15.

    4. This #goals quote.

    You know that song is about you. By Calligraphy By Jackie, £4.72.

    5. This laptop decal.

    6. These honest mugs.

    One for you and one for your other half. Three guesses which is yours. By Pure Lee Creations, £12.55.

    7. This truthful notebook.

    You can't help it that you're so stylish. By Alfamarama, £5.

    8. This gorgeous wall print.

    By Petrichor Blue, £4.72.

    9. This lovely little decal.

    Screw Snow White. By Tweet Heart Wall Art, £6.24.

    10. This you AF pouch.

    Yes actually, you DO think you're really pretty. By Miss With It, £15.69.

    11. This pretty card.

    For love notes to yourself. By Blank Inside, £3.25.

    12. This pocket mirror.

    13. These accurate jewellery holders.

    You know who they're saying hello to. It's you. By Pretty Penny and Co, £7.85.

    14. This Mean Girls mug.

    BEST QUOTE EVER. By Another Sunday Design, £9.42.

    15. This key ring.

    By Psd Planner, £11.74.

    16. This bag that doesn't lie.

    17. This perfect phone case.

    18. These words to live by.

    19. This glittery mug.

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