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21 Easy Christmas Party Cocktails To Make This Year

Betty Draper ain't got nothing on you.

The best way to add a little merriment to your Christmas party? Christmas cocktails!

Making cocktails for 10 or more guests can seem daunting, but the main thing is to just make sure you have enough booze.

To prove Christmas party cocktails are a doddle, we asked a bunch of bartenders and industry experts to tell us the essential Christmas party cocktails to make this year.

1. Eggnog

2. Sherry Bazaar

3. Mulled Sloe Gin

4. Clementine Negronis

5. French 75

6. Gath'ring Winter Fuel Punch

7. Blue Blazer

8. Spiced Daiquiri

9. Bramble

10. Damson Comfort

11. Guinness Punch

12. Christmas Martinez

13. Champagne Cocktails

14. Sidecar

15. Vin Chill Factor

16. Festive Warm Manhattan

17. Rum Punch

18. Bees Knees

19. Bangarang Rufeo

20. Dark & Stormy

21. Irish Coffee