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15 Great British Bake Off Cocktails To Get You Hot Under The Collar

Bake Off's back. Time to get your cocktails out and watch Mary Berry touch some dough balls.

1. Lemon Meringue Martini

Top this drink with some lovely soft peaks and you'll be in for a right treat. Get the recipe.

FYI, John Whaite, the guy who came up with this recipe WON the third season of Great British Bake Off! You can buy his book here.

2. Tipsy Trifle

Portobello Road Gin

You won't find any soggy lady fingers stuck in this trifle.


25ml Portobello Road gin

25ml Amaretto

25ml Cherry Heering liqueur

50ml single cream

50ml almond milk

One egg white

One heaped scoop of cracked ice


Combine all the ingredients in a blender, then blend for a minute. Pour your mixture into a bowl and leave to stand for five minutes in the fridge. Take your bowl out the fridge and dust with hundreds & thousands. Top with a fondant icing rose and present with two straws.

3. German Chocolate Cake Martini

The trick is to make sure your glass has had its rim thoroughly moistened with chocolate syrup before serving. Recipe here.

4. Pineapple Upside Down Cocktail

Get fresh with this fruity little number. Get the recipe.

5. Guinness Black Magic Cocktail

Bold and fat and big...flavours. This cocktail version of a Guinness chocolate cake is positively sinful. Get the recipe.

6. Strawberry Cream Mimosa

Who doesn't love a mouthful of cream? This strawberries and cream drink will hit just the spot. Recipe here.

7. Sticky Toffee Pudding Eggnog

Eben Freeman / Via

Whip your eggnog until stiff and you'll be left with something just the right amount of thick and sticky. Recipe here.

8. Gingerbread Man Julep

Portobello Road Gin

Remember, when it comes to gingerbread men, size doesn't matter.


50ml Portobello Road gin

5ml Pain D’Epice Syrup

Handful of mint

Small gingerbread man


Rub a fistful of mint around the inside of the measuring cup with the back of a wooden spoon - the aim is to coat the inside of the cup with the oils and aromas from the mint. Once the mint is thoroughly bruised and the cup completely coated, discard the mint.

Next, fill the cup about halfway with cracked ice. Add the gin and the pain d’epice syrup and stir. Top the cup with a heap of crushed ice and deck with mint. Dust the whole thing with icing sugar and add a gingerbread man to garnish.

9. Rhubarb Blush Sour

The rhubarb syrup this recipe calls for can be drizzled onto just about anything that needs a little extra sweetness. Get the recipe.

10. Tiramisu Martini

Make sure your biscuit garnish is properly erect. No one likes a floppy garnish. Recipe here.

11. Vanilla Pear Margaritas

A few of these cinnamon dusted margaritas and you'll soon be in the mood for something even spicier; like a clove-studded crumble. Get the recipe.

12. Strawberry Prosecco Jelly

Get your hands on these wobbly bits. Get the recipe.

13. Caramel Cake Martini

Mary would thoroughly approve of this drink's nuts. It's made with both almond and cashew milk. Recipe here.

14. Cake Batter Martini

All this needs is a good beating and you'll have something perfect for licking off your fingers. Recipe here.

15. Bakewell Tart Cocktail

Perfect for watching contestants pop Mary's cherry... cake into the oven. Get the recipe.

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