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11 Little Things To Put A Smile On Your Face This Week

Chin up! There's still some good out there!

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We all know the world is a little bit sad right now.

So here's literally just a bunch of lovely things that have happened to cheer you up.

Maybe they'll even make you crack a smile!


1. This baby who's so happy to see you but also just so sleepy.

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This video was taken in 2011, but the whole channel is a constant source of delight.

2. This Michael Jackson-themed synchronized swimming routine.

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3. This little girl who thinks London's mayor is a tiger.

My goddaughter can't be the only 3 year old who has confused @SadiqKhan with Shere Khan and now thinks a tiger is mayor of London.

4. This incredible classical music and street dance mash up.

Facebook: video.php

5. This overprotective raccoon.

6. This vine.

7. That this animal shelter made this doggy sleepover video to help a dog find a home and IT WORKED.

Facebook: video.php

Paul Anka (the pup) now has a lovely new home and is very happy. Full story here.

8. That Carly Rae Jepson has inspired another meme and it is so very pure just like her.

when you at the store and carly rae jepsen starts playing

She wrote a song about going to the store. Now there are lots of videos of people going to the store, being in stores and dancing in stores with the song playing. Full story here.


#PuppymonGO -- it's the latest thing in dogmented reality!

10. This evil genius in training.

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11. This Instagram account dedicated to the world's sweetest hedgehog.

Instagram: @hedgehog_azuki

Meet Azuki the hedgehog. He has a weakness for belly tickles and his favourite treats. Follow him here.

This is a weekly series. Have something happy that you think should be in next week's post? Let me know in the comments or tweet me!