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    These Are The 6 Most Important K-Pop Headlines Of The Week

    Yangyang and Yeonjun are officially my favorite runway models. ✨

    1. NCT/WayV's Yangyang and TXT's Yeonjun both made their modeling debuts in New York Fashion Week!

    @Official_Yeonjun / Instagram / Via, @yangyang_x2 / Instagram / Via

    On Feb. 16, Yangyang and Yeonjun (as well as soloist Bibi) took to the runways of New York Fashion Week as part of Concept Korea F/W 2021.

    Created by the South Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism and the Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA), Concept Korea F/W 2021 is a platform at New York Fashion Week that shines a spotlight on three up-and-coming Korean designers. The three designers selected this year were Ul:Kin, JARRET, and WNDERKAMMER.

    Both Yeonjun and Bibi took to the runway for the chic brand Ul:Kin, while Yangyang could be found rocking his outfits in JARRET's showcase. Congratulations to the artists on their modeling debuts! 👏👏👏

    2. And Epik High's Mithra Jin revealed that he and his wife Kwon Da-hyun are expecting their first child!

    3. Chung Ha took everyone for a ride with her new song "Bicycle!"

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    Stone Music Entertainment / YouTube / Via

    It's Chung Ha's world and we're all just living in it, to be honest! The solo artist released her first full-length album, Querencia, on Feb. 15.

    According to Chung Ha, she decided upon the album's title after a discussion with her therapist. "In psychological terms she told me [Querencia] was a place that feels the most you," she revealed at her press conference on Feb. 15. "I was sick and had a lot of other personal issues in 2020. I thought about what helped me the most [during that time] and it was my album, and I was like 'I should name it Querencia.'"

    When asked about her single "Bicycle," Chung Ha revealed that she was surprised that it became the album's title track. "I love challenging myself on any project that I jump into," she said. "I never knew that this track would be the title actually because it's so new. I've never rapped in English before. Querencia is about being fun and exciting."

    This week also saw the release of Kang Daniel's "Paranoia," Kingdom's debut with "Excalibur," NCT 127's "Gimme Gimme," I.M of Monsta X's "God Damn," Soyou and Iz*One's "Zero:Attitude (feat. pH-1)," so be sure to check those out too! 💕

    4. iKON, Itzy, The Boyz, and more will perform at KCON:TACT next month.

    Announcing KCON:TACT 3’s 1st line-up! Please look forward to the 2nd and 3rd line-up announcements! #ENHYPEN #iKON #THEBOYZ #ITZY #WOODZ #HASUNGWOON #OHMYGIRL #EVERGLOW #KCON #KCONTACT3

    @kconusa / Twitter / Via Twitter: @kconusa

    KCON:TACT is back and better than ever! The K-Pop festival released its first lineup of artists including Enhypen, iKON, The Boyz, Itzy, Woodz, Ha Sungwoon, Oh My Girl, and Everglow. But the fun doesn't stop there — KCON:TACT has already announced that there will be two more additional lineups released before the week-long K-Pop festival is kicks off on Mar. 20!

    The theme for this year's KCON:TACT is a ~K-pop world tour~ and will utilize AR technology to transform the stage into historic concert venues from all over the world. In addition to the concerts, KCON:TACT will also feature meet and greets and other on-demand programs too that you won't want to miss out on.

    You can purchase a membership to KCON:TACT now on both the KCON and Mnet K-Pop YouTube channels. The event will be held from Mar. 20-28.

    5. Tri.Be made their debut this week!

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    TriBe / Vevo / Via

    The seven-membered group — consisting of Song-sun, Jin-ha, Hyun-bin, So-eun, Kelly, Jia, and Mire — made their debut on Feb. 17 with their single "Doom Doom Ta" and I'm officially obsessed.

    The group's name Tri.Be comes from a combination of the words "triangle," which is considered to be the perfect shape, and "being." And, with members from South Korea, Taipei, and Japan, the group speaks English, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese fluently too.

    Bold, confident, and charismatic, "Doom Doom Ta" is the perfect introduction to the world of Tri.Be. The song's lyrics center on the importance of loving yourself and being confident, while its upbeat melody makes you want to dance the night away. This is the uplifting, feel-good song you need to add to your playlist!

    Congratulations on your debut, Tri.Be! We can't wait to see where you go next.

    6. And IU, Sunmi, iKON, and more announced that new music is on the way!

    IU 5th Album Teaser 'BYLAC’ #아이유 #IU #BYLAC

    @_IUofficial / Twitter / Via Twitter: @_IUofficial

    * This week, IU revealed the title for her upcoming fifth album, Bylac, and shared her first album teaser image too.

    * Sunmi shared that her comeback single will be called "Tail" and will be released on Feb. 23.

    * VeriVery announced that their second single album, SERIES 'O' ROUND 1 : HALL, will be released on Mar. 2.

    * iKON shared a teaser image and concept teaser for their upcoming digital single "Why Why Why" which will be released on Mar. 3.

    * G-reyish will release their first mini-album, M, on Mar. 5.

    * Ghost9 announced they will be making a comeback with the album, [NOW : Where we are, here], on Mar. 11.

    That's it for this week! Have a lovely weekend and be sure to catch up on last week's news if you missed it! ✨

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