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    Kim Wooseok's New Album Is "Sugar" Sweet, And 5 Other K-Pop Headlines You Need To Know

    🍬 Kim Wooseok's new album is extra sweet! 🍬

    1. Kim Wooseok released some ~sugary~ sweet new songs this week!

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    This week, solo artist and member of Up10tion Kim Wooseok released his second solo mini album, 2nd Desire [Tasty], and it's as sweet as can be!

    Written and composed by Wooseok, the album's title track, "Sugar," is a bubbly R&B dance tune that describes the sweet thrill of a new relationship by comparing it to different flavors. Its music video fits perfectly with the song's theme and is filled with pastel balloons, teddy bears, and lots of delicious-looking desserts that will make you want to bake your own 3-foot-tall Bundt cake. My favorite part is the choreography in the song's chorus because it's so adorable and easy to follow along with!

    This week also saw the release of Rain and Sumi Jo's "Guardians(Universe)" and Ravi's "λ²”," so be sure to check those out, too! 🍬

    2. BTS, NCT, and Exo were revealed to be the most talked-about K-pop groups on Twitter in 2020!

    Big Hit Entertainment, CJ ENM, The Fact / Getty Images

    On Feb. 4, Twitter released its annual K-pop report and revealed that there were over 6.7 billion tweets (!!!) about K-pop posted in 2020 alone.

    Within that incredible number of tweets, the top 10 most mentioned artists were BTS, NCT, Exo, Blackpink, Got7, Treasure, Seventeen, Tomorrow X Together, Twice, and Ateez. The most mentioned songs were "Dynamite" by BTS, "On" by BTS, "Black Swan" by BTS, "Life Goes On" by BTS, "Breath" by Got7, "Resonance" by NCT 2020, "How You Like That" by Blackpink, "More & More" by Twice, "Boy With Luv" by BTS, and "Shadow" by BTS.

    The entire report features an incredible amount of fascinating information about which countries tweet the most about K-pop and the artists who are rapidly growing in popularity on the platform, including Enhypen, WayV, and Stray Kids. You can view the entire Twitter report here.

    3. AleXa and Onewe came together this week to perform her single "Never Let You Go!"

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    AleXa β€’ ZB Label / Via

    On Feb. 8, AleXa and Onewe teamed up together to perform a heartwarming acoustic cover of her single "Never Let You Go." Honestly, this performance feels like the musical equivalent of a warm hug, and its soft, acoustic sound and gorgeous harmonies will leave you spellbound.

    According to AleXa, the collaboration between the two artists came together in part because both of their labels β€” ZanyBros (AleXa's label) and RBW (Onewe's label) β€” have a strong relationship. "We were planning on releasing a live version of 'Never Let You Go' regardless, and fortunately, we were able to ask Onewe to collab!" she said.

    She called it an "honor" to perform "Never Let You Go" with Onewe, whom she called a "very sweet bunch of people." "I’ve been a long-term fan of them since they appeared on The Unit as MAS, so this was a huge honor for me," she revealed.

    AleXa also said that there were some hilarious moments on set that didn't make the final cut: "I almost fell off the chair several times because I am very much so smaller than Yonghoon-sunbaenim, and the members all told me to be careful!"

    4. Iz*One announced they will have an online concert next month!

    IZ*ONE ONLINE CONCERT [ONE, THE STORY] @official_izone Date: Mar.13th(Sat), 2021 8PM(KST), Mar.14th(Sun), 2021 5PM(KST) πŸ“ Online Concert Ticket: - INTERPARK TICKET - TICKET PIA - AXS - MECIMAPRO * Please check the IZ*ONE official channel for details #μ•„μ΄μ¦ˆμ› #IZONE

    @OfficialMWave / Twitter / Via Twitter: @OfficialMwave

    Wiz*One, are you excited?! This week, Iz*One revealed that they will be holding their second online concert in March. Titled One, the Story, the online concert will feature two performances, held March 13 at 8 p.m. KST (6 a.m. EST) and March 14 at 3 p.m. KST (1 a.m. EST), respectively.

    According to Bandwagon, each concert will feature its own unique set list and never-before-seen performances from the 12-member group. This is Iz*One's second online concert; their first, The Oneiric Theater, was held Sept. 13, 2020.

    Tickets for One, the Story will go on sale Feb. 15. Fans will be able to purchase tickets individually for Saturday and Sunday or a two-day ticket for both performances.

    5. Ateez, CIX, (G)I-dle and more released their own radio programs on K-pop community platform Universe!

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    On Feb. 8, K-pop community platform Universe unveiled its new in-app radio station called Universe Radio. To celebrate, the 11 artists on the app β€” AB6IX, Astro, Ateez, CIX, Park Jihoon, (G)I-dle, Kang Daniel, Iz*One, Monsta X, the Boyz, and WJSN β€” have each created their own radio show that fans can tune into now!

    The shows were first teased online via YouTube video (see above!), and with so many unique concepts, there's truly something for everyone:

    * AB6IX resolve debates with their fans on "Care to Join?"

    * Astro host a chat show titled "Hot Topics."

    * Ateez get spooky with their mystery game show "The Clues."

    * CIX share a behind-the-scenes look at their daily activities on "Seeds of Temptation."

    * (G)I-dle's program "Not That Close" explores friendship dynamics.

    * Park Jihoon will become your new best friend on "Next Door Jihoon."

    * Kang Daniel shares film recommendations on "Kang Daniel Film Festival."

    * Iz*One read classic short stories on "Oneiric Diary Iz*Oneboxing."

    * Monsta X host a game show called "Smart Ones."

    * The Boyz host a space-themed program named "Star the Bs D.D.D."

    * And WJSN are ~out of this world~ in "Universe War: WJSN Family."

    You can tune into all of the shows now on the Universe app! 🎢 The first episode of each program is free, but the subsequent episodes require a subscription.

    6. And Yerin Baek, Sunmi, and Rain all announced that new music is on the way!

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    Yerin Baek / YouTube / Via

    * Solo artist Yerin Baek announced that she'll release a collection of remixes from her second studio album, Tellusboutyourself, on Feb. 16. After releasing a teaser trailer earlier this week (see above!), Yerin also teased some of the new remixed versions of the songs by sharing three outrageously dreamy song clips online to get fans excited.

    * BtoB's Peniel will release a digital single titled "Valentine" on Feb. 14.

    * Jun of Seventeen will release a digital single titled "'ε―‚ε―žε·η™»ζœΊε£(Silent Boarding Gate)" on Feb. 14.

    * J.Don (aka Lee Seung-hyub) of N.Flying announced that his first solo album, On the Track, will be released Feb. 22. He also revealed that the title track will be a song named "Clicker."

    * Sunmi revealed the first teaser for her comeback, which will be released Feb. 23.

    * ONF wowed everyone with the futuristic opening trailer for their first full-length album, ONF:My Name, which will be released Feb. 24.

    * WEi shared concept images and videos online this week ahead of the release of their second mini album, Identity:Challenge, on Feb. 24.

    * Rain revealed on Instagram that he will release a new album, titled Why Don't We, on March 3.

    * Per Newsen, Cube Entertainment confirmed this week that Pentagon will be making a comeback in March.

    * iKon filmed the music video for their upcoming March comeback this week, according to Newsen.

    That's it for this week! Enjoy Uni-Kon this weekend if you're watching, and be sure to catch up on last week's news if you missed it! ✨

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