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    24 TikToks That Perfectly Describe What It Means To Be A K-Pop Fan

    I ~wannabe~ as creative as these TikTokers.

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    1. This incredible use of "Fancy" to prove herself once and for all:

    @blellowfever / Via

    That's literally how I'd introduce myself if my name was that iconic! 💫

    2. This hip grandma shouting out her BTS bias:

    @carolineboatt / Via

    "You are BOTH adorable!!!" —Me screaming at my laptop screen

    3. This amazing "Kick It" Challenge that puts the "Karma's a bitch" meme* to shame:

    @crybabykiaa / Via

    In fact, not long after these lovely ladies *started* this challenge, NCT 127 noticed and recorded their own version.

    *Yes, this might be an old reference by now, but we're olds.

    4. This accurate peek into the crystal ball:

    @eunwoosthottie / Via

    I'm not a regular K-pop mom...I'm a COOL K-pop mom.

    5. This perfectly choreographed explanation of the different types of K-pop stans:

    @kjoon . jpg / Via

    6. This adorable N'uest version of the "Mr. Sandman" Meme that makes my heart very happy:

    @nuest_official / Via

    9. This video of me*. Literally me, myself, and I at every K-pop concert ever:

    @alienbri / Via

    *not me

    10. This video of me encouraging my future baby to ~feel special~:


    when your baby listens to too much kpop ##kpop ##twice

    ♬ KPOP BABY - alanchikinchow
    @alanchikinchow / Via

    11. The eternal struggle of NCTzens:

    @mollygrantwylie / Via

    12. This helpful guide about your first K-pop concert pit experience:

    @issmacc / Via

    13. This perfect makeup ✨transformation✨ into (G)i-dle’s Soojin:

    @daiyaworld / Via

    This is one of her lewks in "Lion," btw. Which I personally could watch over and over again.

    14. This throwback to an utter style icon, and we're not talking about a person:

    @jadyn.d / Via

    My friend legit bought one of these in 2016. From the idols to the stans!

    15. This 10/10 summarization of every single episode of Run BTS:


    I haven’t done a bts related tiktok in a while so here it is 😂 any armys here? ##kpop ##bts ##foryou

    ♬ BRING ME MY MONEY - gflint2
    @thunthunskittles / Via

    16. This amazing (and slightly unsettling) "Cheer Up" dance tutorial that will have you performing the choreography in no time:

    @kruton93 / Via

    "Show some armpits, armpits, like a starfish, starfish!"

    17. This not...totally wrong...expectations vs. reality from a future beau's perspective:

    @dixne.c / Via

    18. This incredibly adorable love story set to the tune of Zico's "Any Song":

    @vickichanmd / Via

    Zico started the #AnySongChallenge (see #6 in the post) and teamed up with lots of Korean celebs for the fun dance!

    19. Stray Kids' Felix doing the Renegade dance, because he's honestly the true prince of TikTok:

    @nyannyancosplay / Via

    Share your account, Felix! We know you have one!

    20. The eternal struggle of being a K-pop stan, phone edition:


    i wanted to make one of these 😔😔😔 ##worldklass ##too ##ateez ##jyou ##mingi ##kpop @ateez_official_ @too_offcl

    ♬ original sound - yamoksauce
    @reixid / Via

    21. An accurate representation of every K-pop fanfiction ever, starring Jackson Wang:

    @munigou / Via

    22. This SuperM photocard reveal that doesn't go quite as planned:

    @nanascoffee / Via

    Honestly, we'd be overjoyed with four Baekhyun photocards!

    23. The joys of trying to explain K-pop to a friend who doesn't listen to it:


    Y’all ever try to explain kpop, they don’t understand. ##UNOirl ##bts ##btsarmy ##Atezz ##straykid ##twice ##fancy ##kpop

    ♬ I can't - calebcity
    @issmacc / Via

    24. And finally, the most wholesome crafting activity for EXO-L:

    @capnknuckie / Via

    "You canNOT be out here with no ring!"