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    BTS Announces New Single "Butter," And 5 More K-Pop Headlines You Need To Read

    Everyone ~butter~ get ready for new BTS tunes! 🧈

    1. BTS, Blackpink, and Seventeen were nominated for the 2021 Billboard Music Awards!

    2. Enhypen made everyone dance, dance, dance this week with their new single "Drunk-Dazed"!

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    The group made their first official comeback this week with "Drunk-Dazed," a gritty rock song that compares their struggle to navigate an unfamiliar world to the thrills, delights, and chaos of a spooky carnival.

    In true Enhypen fashion, the track's music video seamlessly weaves together a story of magic, mystery, beauty, and horror. It begins when a girl discovers an "invitation to our bloody birthday party" at a bus stop left behind by members Jake, Heeseung, and Jungwon.

    And they weren't lying when they said it'd be bloody; while the party might initially seem normal, strange oddities begin to pop up throughout the video as the members lean into their supernatural abilities. It all culminates with blood raining down from the ceilings and overflowing from fountains as the members dance the night away, only to wake up the next day and start all over again. Unique, fascinating, and just the right amount of spooky. With "Drunk-Dazed," Enhypen have truly solidified themselves as one of K-pop's most innovative groups.

    This week also saw the release of Ab6ix's "Close," ONF's "Ugly Dance," Hot Issue's "GRATATA," (G)I-dle's "Last Dance," Itzy's "In The Morning," pH-1's "365&7 (Feat. Jamie)," Han from Stray Kids's "Wish You Back," and Eric Nam and Sarah Barrios's "Have We Met Before," so be sure to check those out too! ✨

    3. A clip of Ab6ix's music video for their single "Close" premiered on the TBS sitcom Chad this week!

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    TBS / YouTube / Via

    The TBS show centers on the life of Chad, a teenage boy played by Nasim Pedrad who, in this week's installment, becomes obsessed with K-pop music — Monsta X and Ab6ix in particular.

    In the lead-up to the episode's release on April 27, both Chad and Ab6ix shared their appreciation for one another via social media, with Chad shouting out the group in multiple TikToks and calling them "the most famous and talented young Korean men" in his life. "You guys are freaking talented," he said. "I really enjoy your singing voices. I really enjoy your beautiful dance moves. I've been practicing everyday to emulate you and I cannot wait to become fluent in Korean so that I can just 100% feel like I have transformed into a K-pop star."

    In response to his declaration of love, Ab6ix posted a video of the group watching the show together and shared an exclusive sneak peak of their newest music video, which aired at the end of this week's episode.

    "Hey Chad! We heard that you're a massive K-pop fan and that Ab6ix is your group," member Daehwi said. "We really appreciate your love and support so in return, we have an exclusive video of our song 'Close' just for you!"

    4. And Twice performed on The Kelly Clarkson Show!

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    The Kelly Clarkson Show / YouTube / Via

    On April 27, Twice performed their hit "Cry For Me" on The Kelly Clarkson Show, and, much like they request in the song's lyrics, I was indeed crying over how beautiful it all was.

    The group performed the dramatic dance track in black-and-white ensembles in a large, white curtained room; you can watch the entire performance above.

    In addition to the performance, Kelly Clarkson also revealed that the group is preparing to release new music this summer so there's lots to look forward to when it comes to Twice!

    5. Fictional K-pop group Tea Party from the upcoming K-drama Imitation made their debut this week!

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    KBS KPop / YouTube / Via

    Ahead of its first episode on May 7, the fictional K-pop groups from the upcoming K-drama Imitation will make their official ~debut~ on the popular South Korean music program Music Bank.

    On April 30, bubbly girl group Tea Party became the first of the show's K-pop groups to perform together on stage and, according to My Music Taste, they won't be the only ones showing off their skills! Powerful boy group Shax will also make their debut the following week on May 7, coinciding perfectly with the first episode of Imitation.

    Based on a popular webtoon, Imitation tells the story multiple male and female K-pop idols as they tirelessly work to achieve their dreams. In line with the source material, the cast of the show is made up primarily of real-life K-pop idols, including members of Ateez, Baby Vox, Boys Republic, g.o.d, Pristin, SF9, T-ara, and U-Kiss.

    6. And BTS, TXT, Cosmic Girls, and more announce new music is on the way!

    #BTS #방탄소년단 Butter #BTS_Butter

    @BIGHIT_MUSIC / Twitter / Via Twitter: @BIGHIT_MUSIC

    * BTS revealed that they will release a digital single titled "Butter" on May 21. They also shared their promotional schedule leading up to the song's release, which features new concept photos, teaser trailers, and more!

    * Tomorrow X Together shared a fascinating first look at their next comeback, The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE, which will be released on May 31.

    * Cosmic Girls' newest subunit, WJSN: the Black, will make their debut with the single album My Attitude on May 12. The unit — which consists of members Seola, Exy, Bona, and Eunseo — also unveiled their promotional schedule for the album as well!

    * TO1 shared mysterious concept preview photos ahead of their first mini album, which will be released in May.

    That's it for this week! Have a lovely weekend and be sure to catch up on last week's news if you missed it! ✨