12 Things Only People With Popular Names Understand

Why did my parents pick the same name as five other kids in my class?

1. You never respond to your name

Why would you put yourself through the humiliation of turning around EVERY time someone calls your name?

2. You are only identified by your first initial of your last name

3. God forbid you have the same first initials…

4. You have definitely said “here” for the wrong person multiple time

Then the whole room looks at you in judgement as you have to explain that you spoke to soon.

5. You try to come up with unique ways to spell your name so you feel special

6. But then so does everyone else with your name

Emily, Emilee, Emilie, Emileigh, NO. NO.

7. You start being defined by activities you are involved in

Ohhh, Myles Soccer… I thought you meant Myles Chior

8. You begin to despise others with your name

There is always another one in the room

9. You wonder if your parents just picked your name because they were too lazy to come up with something else

10. Your name is so common you have at least one cousin who also has it

11. You begin to give Starbucks a fake name so there is not a stampede when your drink is ready

“Yeah my name is… Hepzibah”

12. You swear you will never give this torture to your kids

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