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    17 Genius Packing Tips That Will Save You Space And Your Sanity

    Store your toothbrush in an empty water bottle and pack snacks in a craft box.

    1. Store your toothbrush in a used water bottle if you realize last minute that you don't have a case.

    2. Roll your clothing to pack way more outfit options with way fewer wrinkles.

    3. And save the bags your sheets or curtains came in to use as packing cubes.

    4. Make a jewelry roll out of a placemat so you aren't unknotting a giant ball of tiny chains when you arrive.

    5. Cover a razor blade with a binder clip so it doesn't slice your fingers when you're shuffling through your toiletries.

    6. Bring a silica bag along on your trip in case you have to pack a damp swimsuit.

    7. Fold your hot iron in a potholder so you can pack it even if it's still warm.

    8. And keep all of your electronic cords in a sunglasses case so you don't have to go digging around your bag for the right one.

    9. Pack everything you need in an emergency in a pill bottle.

    10. Take a travel clothesline with you so you can pack less stuff and wash clothes on the road.

    11. Cover shoes with a shower cap so you aren't leaving dirt in your luggage.

    12. Use contact cases to bring your entire skin care regimen in your carry on.

    13. And pack a near-empty bottle of shampoo instead of spending money on travel bottles.

    14. Keep a dryer sheet in your bag to keep everything smelling fresh.

    15. If you get your period, consider trying out a menstrual cup so you don't have to factor a whole bunch of pads or tampons into your limited space.

    16. Stuff your entire wardrobe into compression bags if you like to travel with a bunch of backup outfits.

    17. And turn a craft box into a snack pack so you can bring an assortment without wasting a bunch of plastic Ziploc bags.