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    20 Literally Genius Dryer Sheet Hacks You'll Actually Want To Try

    Clean deodorant stains, stop your shoes squeaking, and get the static out of your hair.

    1. Keep a used dryer sheet in your desk drawer in case you find a deodorant stain on your shirt.

    2. Soak grimy pans with a dryer sheet to get rid of even the most stubborn stains.

    3. Soak paint brushes in warm water with a dryer sheet to make them easier to clean.

    4. Rub a sheet across the bottom of your sneakers to stop them from squeaking.

    5. Use one to clean dead insects off the front of your car after a long trip.

    6. Stick one in the laundry basket to neutralize odors coming off your gym clothes until you have time to do a load.

    7. Or put it at the bottom of the trash can to make it smell mildly less like, well, trash.

    8. Store shoes with dryer sheets in the soles to deodorize without actually washing them.

    9. Wipe a dryer sheet across stainless steel to polish it and remove streaks.

    10. Get the soap scum off your shower door and walls with a used dryer sheet.

    11. Rub a sheet on the inside of your skirt to fight static cling.

    12. Or stick one on your brush to get rid of the static in your hair.

    13. Rub it across soft surfaces like couch upholstery, lampshades, and rugs to pick up pet hair.

    14. Clean off your dryer lint screen with a sheet, then knot the sheet around the ball to make a make a fire starter for your next camping trip.

    15. Pack a sheet or two in your luggage to keep your clothes from smelling musty.

    16. Iron a dryer sheet on low heat to clean off your iron's base plate.

    17. Soak a used one with nail polish remover to remove stubborn glitter nail polish with less scrubbing.

    18. Rub one across baseboards and the tops of cabinets to repel dust.

    19. Tuck a sheet in your toilet paper roll to release fragrance every time you pull off a square.

    20. And use a used dryer sheet to dust off your electronic screens.