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    30 Things From Walmart To Pamper Yourself With When The Holidays Get Stressful

    Is there anything that the smell of lavender can't fix?

    1. A melatonin sleep soak that'll help you get the much-needed rest you need.

    2. A body scrub which is basically a personal microdermabrasian and chemical peel all in one. It's a bit of an indulgence, but hey, it's the treat-yourself time of year.

    3. An oat mask so you can smooth onto your skin while you recover from a night of way too many Hot Toddy's.

    4. A bar of soap that might clear up some of that stress acne that broke out while you were trying to cook your first turkey, and hasn't gone away since.

    5. A two-pack of exfoliating scrubbers if you want something a bit gentler than a dry brush.

    6. A scalp care mask so you can massage away oily buildup and nightmarish thoughts of your father-in-law not liking the baiting kit you've already wrapped and stuck under the tree.

    7. A stick of deodorant that won't fail you even when it feels like nothing is going according to plan. Don't worry, just take a deep breathe and apply a few extra swipes.

    8. A body wash with an oats-based formula that'll help restore your skin barrier and lock in moisture.

    9. A set of bath bombs that are a total treat, not only because they smell like frosting but also because they'll make your skin feel silky-smooth.

    10. A self-heating salt scrub if the weather outside is frightful, and you'll use just about anything to warm up.

    11. A shaving gift set if you've been celebrating no-shave November (and December), and are ready to welcome back the delightful feeling of tucking smooth legs into fresh sheets.

    12. A lavender bath soak because you deserve to chill until the water goes cold.

    13. A pure-castile soap if your feet are killing because of those gorgeous heels you bought just for all of the end-of-year parties. Just drizzle a bit of the stuff into a bucket of warm water, stick your poor trotters in, and breathe in the reinvigorating peppermint scent.

    14. An overnight mask because you deserve a holiday from your holiday. It was an awesome time, but you're gonna need to sleep for a week in order to recover.

    15. A body oil that'll make every night feel like a visit to the spa.

    16. A retinol cream so you're not carrying all that exhaustion in the bags under your eyes. It'll depuff, brighten, and smooth out any lines that developed while watching your S.O. climb on the roof to turn your home into a giant Lite-Brite.

    17. A facial cleanser that'll keep you clear all year round.

    18. A moisturizer to protect your gorgeous face from the less than gorgeous weather.

    19. A bar of soap if you've totally broken out from all the stress and holiday cookies. The natural oils and extracts will wash away blemishes, soothe irritation, and leave you hydrated from head to toe.

    20. An exfoliating body polish that'll leave you feeling smooth as marble.

    21. A pH-balanced bubble bath if you're prone to infections. Scented with green tea and chamomile, these bubbles are au naturel and won't irritate sensitive skin.

    22. A hand soap because you have a newfound appreciation for the little things that make every day a bit more pleasant.

    23. A scrub that'll buff away the bad and nourish the good. Full of vitamins, extracts, and quinoa (!), this'll be the nicest thing you'll do for your poor, weatherworn skin all year.

    24. A night blend body wash if your post-holiday plans include long, hot showers and going to bed early for the rest of your life.

    25. A body lotion with a rich texture and the clean scent of water lilies because moisturizing should be a treat rather than a hassle.

    26. A body cream that'll smooth out any rough patches... Unfortunately, not any that arose because of a tift over cranberry sauce or broken ornaments but certainly those that live on your elbows or the edges of your feet.

    27. A fragranced bath fizzer that'll basically turn your bath into a giant cup of sparkling water. What more could you want?!

    28. A hand cream if regular snow ball fights are leaving your skin all dry and itchy.

    How you deserve to feel all of the time:

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