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    All The Best Deals At Target Right Now

    Deals on light fixtures, air fryers, picnic backpacks, blenders, and more.

    1. 55% off an area rug.

    The rug in the sealife color

    2. 50% off a curtain panel.

    The curtains in white

    3. 50% off Beats noise-cancelling headphones.

    The Beats in black

    4. 49% off a free-standing paper towel holder.

    The black wire paper towel holder

    5. 43% off a clip-on speaker.

    The speaker

    6. 41% off a 4-person picnic backpack.

    The houndstooth backpack with salt & pepper shakers, a detachable wine tote, melamine plates, top quality stainless flatware, a 60"x50" soft woven blanket, acrylic glasses with cotton napkins, a wooden cutting board, a cheese knife, and a bottle opener

    7. 40% off JBL wireless headphones.

    The headphones in their charging case

    8. 40% off a pair of mid-rise jeans.

    The green jeans

    9. 40% off an air fryer.

    The air fryer

    10. 40% off a 4th-generation Amazon Echo Dot.

    The speaker in blue

    11. 38% off an outdoor light fixture.

    The black light fixture

    12. 38% off a wet-dry robot vacuum.

    The white BisselL vacuum cleaning up dog food

    13. 36% off a Vitamix 10-speed blender.

    The blender

    14. 29% off a gallery wall clock.

    The wrought-iron clock

    15. 28% off a 2-pack of storage cabinets.

    The black 4-shelf storage cabinets

    16. 28% off a collapsible wagon.

    The gray wagon

    17. 25% off a 68-inch bookshelf.

    The bookshelf in gray

    18. 25% off a color-changing, electric kettle.

    The glass Chefman kettle

    19. 25% off an asymmetric buffet.

    The buffet in dark walnut

    20. 23% off an outdoor smoker.

    The Masterbuilt smoker

    21. 20% off a No7 multi-action skincare system.

    No7 Restore & Renew Face & Neck Multi-Action Anti-Ageing Skincare System

    22. 20% off a tufted fabric chair and ottoman.

    The chair and ottoman in beige

    23. 20% off a meditation cushion.

    Two models sitting on the floor cushions

    24. 20% off a step deck.

    A model using the step desk to do a plank workout

    25. 20% off a fitness bench.

    A model using the fitness bench at the lowest setting

    26. 20% off a reversible yoga mat.

    The teal mandala mat

    27. 20% off a No7 exfoliating cleanser.

    No7 Radiance Daily Energising Exfoliating Cleanser

    28. 20% off a pull-up bar.

    A model using the pull-up bar

    29. 20% off a copper table lamp.

    The black, copper, and white table lamp

    30. 17% off a wood-burning fire pit.

    The fire pit with star and moon cutouts

    31. 15% off an open-weave basket.

    The basket with feet and leather handles

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