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    21 Clever Ways To Build A Garden In A Small Space

    You don't need a big backyard to have a beautiful garden — just a few paint cans and some rope.

    1. Cut a space in an Ikea side table for your succulents.

    2. Hook your houseplants on a garment rack to show them off in style.

    3. Tuck your shrubs in an over-the-door shoe rack to keep your garden organized.

    4. Repurpose some paint cans, so your cilantro can hang out on the side of the house.

    5. Or grow your succulents in an Ikea cart so you can slide them put of the way when you have guests over.

    6. Save tomato cans from the recycling bin and attach them to the fence so you can economically store your gooseberries.

    7. Staple landscaping fabric to a wood pallet so you can stock up on spider plants and sunflowers.

    8. Grow shallow-rooted plants in rain gutters so they are all well watered.

    9. Plant your planters within planters so both your sweet marjoram and your curled parsley have space to shine.

    10. Step up your gardening game and balance all of your flowerpots on a ladder.

    11. Secure pipe clamps to a wood plank so your Mason jar herb garden can get the attention it deserves.

    12. Convert office supply containers into planters so you can work on building your collection.

    13. Hang clear acrylic shelves across the windows so your houseplants get more direct sunlight than they would on the sill.

    14. Refill your soda bottles with dirt and seedlings to make them a bit more green.

    15. Grow aquatic plants in a glass bottle so you never have to worry about watering.

    16. Bring your bathroom caddy outdoors so your little buddies can enjoy the rain.

    17. Knot a few lengths of rope so your plant friends can chill in a macrame hanger.

    18. Nail a few boards to your wall to create a cozy nursery trellis.

    19. Hook pot plants on a few lengths of steel mesh so your garden has a more industrial edge.

    20. Stack wooden crates so your veggie plants can grow deep roots.

    21. And finally, wrap wires around your pots so they can nest in your wire fence.