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23 Times Colorful Walls Tragically Ruined A Home

Who's with me?!

1. Colorful walls throw off the delicate balance of a carefully designed room.

2. It's just impossible to look classy with a ton of color.

3. And they will ruin all of your Instagram posts.

4. Dark colors are gloomy and/or creepy AF.

5. Pink will make you look weak and ineffectual.

6. And yellow walls are like that guy who is always smiling. UGH.

7. Colorful rooms are just so showy and obnoxious.

8. Paintings look actually terrible against any color that is not white.

9. Bathrooms should be plain, white, and completely unimpressive.

10. Children are a blank slate. Their walls should be, too.


12. Whoever painted this closet green clearly doesn't have a soul.

13. Don't even get me started on textured paint. Who is going to take pity on this mess?!

14. Color just makes everything look so busy.

15. And wallpaper is so tacky it hurts.

16. Nothing relaxes me like a plain white wall absent of color or decor.

17. I'm just — I'm just overwhelmed.

18. Look at this poor innocent bathroom that was so violently wallpapered.

19. Wood belongs on the floor.

20. Did you really think you could get away with that orange ceiling?

21. Yeah. Just go paint your whole townhouse pink. Like a crazy person.

22. And don't even THINK about colorful kitchen cabinets.

23. So, yeah, I'm going to stick to white walls. 🙃