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Updated on Jul 18, 2019. Posted on Jul 15, 2017

Take A Trip To Disney And We'll Guess What Kind Of Personality You Had As A Kid

The kid in you is screaming right now.

  1. You have unlimited funds to stay at any hotel you want. Which lavish living quarters will you choose?
  2. You're ready to do everything with your handy dandy Fast Pass, but where do you go first?!
  3. You are most definitely not going to succeed in Drinking Around The World. What last stamp do you need
     to get in your Epcot passport?
  4. It's been an hour since you've eaten. What's the next park snack you must have?
  5. What princess just has to sign your autograph book?
  6. What cartoon hug is going to make you literally weep?
  7. Which classic family Photo are you including in your holiday card?
  8. The day is tragically coming to an end. What souvenir do you grab to remember your trip?
  9. The day is over and you're ready to doze off ... What song is stuck in your head?

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