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    Dorm Life Is Hard, But These 18 Hacks Will Make It Easier

    How to get more sleep, maximize space, and decorate in a way that's so you.

    1. Cover your door in contact paper so everyone knows where to find your room.

    2. Store your condiments and other non-perishable food staples in a shoe organizer, so everything is easy to access.

    3. Hang an extra long suspension rod across your room so you and your roommate can have at least a modicum of privacy.

    4. Label all your cords so you don't confuse yours for someone else's.

    5. Attach casters to old drawers or wine crates to take advantage of any storage space under your bed.

    6. Frame your posters and photos with washi tape so you can follow the dorm rules, but still keep things looking pretty.

    7. Put a glass of icy water in front of your fan to fake an air conditioner if your room doesn't have one.

    8. Decorate with string lights if the fluorescent bulbs are harshing your mellow.

    9. Make a wall calendar with washi tape and sticky notes so you can stay organized from day one.

    10. Collect soda tabs to help save space in a cramped closet.

    11. Hang blackout curtains to muffle any outdoor noise and help you get some extra shuteye on a Saturday morning.

    12. And, of course, use adhesive hooks to hang the curtain rod so you don't get in trouble for making holes in the walls.

    13. Build a book stand out of a wire hanger so you don't lose your page when you fall asleep studying.

    14. Wrap your drawers like gifts to give your desk or dresser a little color.

    15. Keep a few plants in your room to refresh that stale air and make the space feel more lively.

    16. Mix water, rubbing alcohol, and lavender essential oil to make a linen spray that'll help you sleep a little better when you've got those first day jitters.

    17. Make a first aid kit with all of the essentials.

    18. And stick a quote on a message board that inspires you when you're feeling the pressure.