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    Spend Exactly Zero Dollars Building A Bookstand Out Of A Hanger

    You're amongst the learned folk, but money is, in fact, a thang.

    Why should you be forced to hold your book like a lowly peasant?!

    1. Bend the two sides of your hanger at the middle.

    2. Use a pair of pliers to squeeze both ends so that the wires lay flat against each other.

    3. Fold the two sides up to form a stand just wide enough to fit an open book.

    4. Fold the top of the hanger up to stand at a right angle.

    5. Fold the top of the hanger to face the front.

    6. Curl the top of the hanger to create a circle.

    7. Fold the bottom wire up to link into the top of the hanger.

    8. Prop your book up in the stand and get to flipping through that novel like the genius you are.

    Now, you can fall asleep without losing your place or dropping your precious book on the floor.

    Use it for your cookbooks so that you aren't touching them with the same hands you just rolled meatballs with.

    Watch the full tutorial here.

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    This video was inspired by Jihong Yeom.