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    10 Common Kitchen Tool Mistakes To Avoid

    And how to fix them.

    1. Using a serrated knife to only cut bread.

    2. Spiralizing zoodles — but tossing out half the zucchini because you're afraid to get your fingers near the blade.

    3. Using a Crock Pot to cook dairy, pasta, small veggies, or cooked beans for several hours.

    4. Using a pizza stone only for pizza.

    5. Using a skillet and sauté pan interchangeably.

    6. Use a pressure cooker to cook dry meat.

    7. Using a blender only for your morning smoothie.

    8. Using parchment paper and tin foil interchangeably.

    9. Using a cheap rubber spatula for everything.

    10. Using your toaster oven only for toast.

    Got all that? Now go show what you know like a pro.