15 People Who Deserve To Get An 'A' In Cheating

    Don't try any of this at home, kids.

    1. This manicure that really digs deep for answers.

    People wear makeup for many different reasons, but to cheat on a test?! That's a new one on us...… https://t.co/Yyd0EizYe5

    2. This eraser that has been effectively MacGyvered.

    3. This redeeming quality of a torn ACL.

    one of the best ways to cheat on a test

    4. This sister who is better than your sister.

    When you help your sister cheat on her math test 🙃

    @simplyyyyellie / Twitter / Via Twitter: @simplyyyyellie

    5. This fake-label trick that has been used so many times, there's an editable version.

    6. This noble individual who would do anything for her friend.

    7. This "broest bro" in a Chinese class who happened to speak Chinese. (?)

    8. This use of a pleated skirt that is basically a giant middle finger to the patriarchy.

    9. This semi-nauseating use of a glass eye.

    10. This pen that just works really well.

    11. This old-school trick that is almost genius in its simplicity.

    @MariaElsaDreams / Twitter / Via Twitter: @MariaElsaDreams

    12. This effective use of Morse code.

    13. This lil' cover-up trick that you tried out in third grade.

    14. This recording that whispers all the answers in your ear.

    If you ever need to cheat on a final just record the answers in voice memo and play them while you take the test li… https://t.co/H2Oh6Uroc5

    @chellyChellx / Twitter / Via Twitter: @chellyChellx

    15. This person who figured out what the Apple Watch is actually good for.

    @TonioVanDope / Twitter / Via Twitter: @TonioVanDope

    But remember: You don't need to cheat.