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We Need To Talk About Those Giant Backpacks Kids Wear To School

Children are the greatest of mysteries.

Do you ever look back at your old school photos and wonder, "Why was my backpack so big?"

Or look at your children wearing their backpacks and be like, "Huh. I could totally zip you into that backpack."

Even if you could fill up a backpack this size, a small child would tip over.

Baby Simone Biles is so cute, but why's her backpack so big?

We need to save poor lil' angels like this one who are caring backpacks that are literally backbreaking.

Unicorns are — like — so cool but why does she have to carry around a backpack the actual size of a unicorn?!

This is lil' old me. I have so many questions, the most pressing being how I could not fit my massive lunchbox into my massive backpack?!

Oh, and while were on the subject, please explain to me why rolling backpacks even exist. The school day is eight hours, not eight months!

Why are the poor babies being treated like pack mules while adults are shoving everything into these teeny tiny, itty bitty backpacks?!