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    17 Ways To Make Everything In Your Kitchen Smell Downright Heavenly


    1. Put two teaspoons of vanilla in the oven for an hour to fake that freshly baked aroma.

    2. First, quickly clean your garbage disposal — then grind up lemon wedges and ice cubes to get rid of the funky stench and sharpen the blades.

    3. Place a bowl of oats in the fridge to soak up any lingering reminders of last week's leftovers if you're out of baking soda.

    4. Hide cotton balls soaked in vanilla extract to make your guests think you're always baking.

    5. Wipe down your freezer with cotton swabs soaked in vanilla extract if it's smelling a bit funky.

    6. Simmer your favorite fruits, spices, herbs, or flowers in a pot to fill your home with warmth and heavenly smells.

    7. Line the bottom of your trash can with dryer sheets to help cover up the inevitable stink.

    8. Grow your favorite herbs in the kitchen to kill two birds with one stone.

    9. Grind your beans every morning to get that extra jolt of coffee aroma in the morning — and a fresher cup of joe.

    10. Or surround candle votives with coffee beans for something a bit more decorative.

    11. Dilute your essential oils to spray the room with more natural scents.

    12. Make a two-step air purifier out of a glass jar and activated charcoal pellets.

    13. Simmer water and white vinegar after cooking if you want to treat yourself to fried food without getting stuck with the smell for days.

    14. And please dispose of oil properly so you aren't creating a clog in your kitchen sink. (!)

    15. Bake food that does smell good, like zucchini, chicken, or bread.

    16. Keep your food scraps in the freezer if you don't want them stinking up the trash.

    17. Do a wash cycle with vinegar and then one with baking soda to get rid of the musty smell in your dishwasher.