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    19 Photos That'll Make You Sing, "I'm Cleaning Out My Closet"

    The perfect fold is truly a lost art.

    1. This monochrome masterpiece which proves that a colorless wardrobe makes dressing and organizing so much simpler.

    2. These lovely shelves that show hangers are simply an option, not a requirement.

    3. And these perfectly folded drawers that are a sight to behold.

    4. This before and after that you can totally pull off with a little effort and an extra closet rod.

    5. This fabulous floral setup that proves there's no such thing as "too busy."

    6. This kids closet that'll probably make you weep.

    7. This clever use of a ladder to hold a shoe-lover's entire collection of heels.

    8. This pared-down closet that still made room for lots of color.

    9. This genius use of clear drawers that'll make you long for The Container Store.

    10. This minimalist work of art that probably took a whole lot of patience to prepare.

    11. This well-strategized setup that makes it so much easier to find everything.

    12. This reformed mess that looks so much better now that every piece has a proper place.

    13. This garment rack that proves that, sometimes, less is more.

    14. This closet that is so wonderful, it would be a shame if the doors were ever actually closed.

    15. This closet that's just as well styled as the clothes inside.

    16. This organization system that prioritizes sleeve length over color.

    17. This nook that suggests that there's no such thing as too many accessories.

    18. This dreamy walk-in that probably makes getting ready for work fun.

    19. And this closet system that's every accessory-lover's dream.