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    26 DIYs That'll Make You Look At Your Backyard And Say, "This Is Paradise"

    Play with a giant Jenga set, grow greens out of a table, and hang up a bed sheet to swing from the trees.

    1. Disguise your outdoor eyesores with a wall of fake ivy.

    Just attach it to the wall with a few nails. Learn more here.

    Get over seven feet of fake ivy from Amazon for $36.99.

    2. Use an Ikea storage box to shade your laptop screen, so the glare doesn't stop you from working in the fresh air.

    Getting work done in the sun is so much more fun! Learn more here.

    Get the box from Ikea for $4.99.

    3. Turn a blow-up pool into an outdoor mattress for movie nights under the stars.

    Set up the projector and grab the popcorn. You won't want to ever go inside. Learn more here.

    4. Scrub your metal tools and furniture with cola and aluminum foil to eliminate rust.

    Greg Perez / Via

    Spill the cola all over the rust and use the foil to scrub it off. Wipe it clean and brush on some coconut oil to prevent rust in the future. Learn more here.

    5. Thread fairy lights through a watering can to make your garden look magical, even in the dark.

    You'll need a drill to make the holes a bit larger, then you can hide the remote inside the can and use a shepherd's hook to hang it over the garden. Get the tutorial here.

    6. Hang Mason jars from the trees to light up the night.

    Greg Perez / Via Facebook: buzzfeednifty

    It's up to you how you want to decorate them! You can either glue clear marbles all over the sides of the mason jar, glue glitter to the interior, or fill it with decorative rocks. Wrap wire around the opening to make a handle and stick a tea light inside. Learn more here.

    7. And wrap tree trunks in string lights to make your yard luminous.

    @dreamwaveevents / Via

    Plug the cord in at the base and tightly wrap the wire around the trunk, making sure to create even spaces as you go. You'll probably need about 32 feet of string lights per tree. Learn more here.

    8. Cut up a few 2x4s to build a life-size Jenga game.

    Cut seven 2x4s into 10.5-inch pieces to make a 63-block game. Learn more here.

    9. String up a hula hoop tent to make a shady nook for reading or napping.

    Lay the sheet a few inches over the hula hoop and use duct tape to secure it. Poke holes in the tape and string the twine through. Attach them to a hook and hang the hook from a string tied to a tree branch. Learn more here.

    10. Wrap noodles around a plastic container to make a floating beverage holder.

    No need to get out of the pool just because you're thirsty. Cut up a pool noodle and tie the pieces together around the lip of the bin with a rope. Learn more here.

    11. Attach knobs to a wood board to make an attractive grill set holder.

    Would also make a great gift for anyone who loves to grill! Learn more here.

    12. Cut up a few reclaimed boards to make a walkway through the dirt.

    Just walk across the boards a few times so they wedge into the dirt enough to stay put. You can also surround the boards with pebbles for a bit of decor. Learn more here.

    13. Scrub down a greasy grill with lemon, salt, and aluminum foil.

    Iván Emilio Albino / Via

    Halve a lemon and cover it in salt. Rub the grill with it and then follow up with a piece of aluminum foil. Rinse it off with soap and water and it should look like new! Learn more here.

    14. Tie up a bed sheet to hang from a cozy hammock.

    Fold over the short end of the sheet, bunch it up, and tie it tightly with a cord. Thread a rope through the resulting loop and tie it to a tree. Repeat the steps on the other side of the sheet. Learn more here.

    15. Glue pavers to pallets to build an outdoor bar that will come in handy when you're entertaining.

    Just attach two pallets with wood screws and then glue the pavers to the tops with construction adhesive. Learn more here.

    16. Thread 4x4s through cinder blocks to make a simple bench.

    Glue the cinder blocks together with construction adhesive, then stain the wooden planks and stick them through the holes. Learn more here.

    17. Set up a game of ladder golf for a lawn game that requires little effort but involves a lot of fun.

    Basically, the goal of the game is to toss the golf ball bolas (two balls attached by a string) so they catch around one of the rungs. The highest rung is worth three points, the second is worth two, and the third is worth one. Put together a few PVC pipes and drill holes through golf balls to string them together. Learn more here.

    18. Take the top off an old table to build a garden if you don't want to crawl on the ground while you tend to your greens.

    Nail chicken wire to the underside of the table, and line it with landscaping fabric before filling it with dirt and plants. Learn more here.

    19. Spray-paint the grass to make a Twister board that won't be as slippery as the real thing.

    Cut a circle out of a pizza box to make a template. Use contractors marking spray paint if you want it to wash off the grass when it rains. Learn more here.

    20. Attach climbing holds to an exterior wall for a climbing wall for hours of fun.

    You can also attach them to pallets so they can climb up their playset. Also be sure to provide appropriate assistance to kids when climbing. Learn more here.

    Get the climbing holds and installation hardware from Amazon for $39.99.

    21. Build a fire pit to roast marshmallows on cool summer nights.

    Stephanie Cozza / Via Facebook: buzzfeedniftyoutdoors

    It's actually way easier than it looks, and will impress your guests for years. Learn more here.

    22. Stick plastic flamingos in sand to make a decorative lawn game.

    Fill pretty pots with sand and push the stakes in until they don't wiggle. You can also stick them straight in the grass if you prefer! Learn more here.

    23. Paint animal figurines to turn your garden into a tiny safari.

    Write the names of the plants on the bodies with chalk markers and seal the paint with glossy spray paint. Learn more here.

    24. Mount a bottle opener to a plank of wood so you always know where to find it.

    Paint the board with chalkboard paint to switch up the messages every now and then, and hang a jar at the bottom to catch the caps. Learn more here.

    25. Hang a pallet board to keep all of the pool toys and cleaning tools in one place.

    Head to your local home improvement store to see if they have any leftover pallets. Once you've assured that the wood is safe for reuse, give it a good sanding and a coat of paint before hanging. Learn more here.

    26. And always mow midmorning so your lawn grows clean and healthy.

    You'll get the cleanest cut when the grass is dry and it's not too hot. If you don't have time to do it in the morning, save it for late afternoon. It's also a good idea to aerate — or poke holes in — your turf if it's looking a bit worse for wear. Learn more here.

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