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    26 DIYs That'll Make You Look At Your Backyard And Say, "This Is Paradise"

    Play with a giant Jenga set, grow greens out of a table, and hang up a bed sheet to swing from the trees.

    1. Disguise your outdoor eyesores with a wall of fake ivy.

    2. Use an Ikea storage box to shade your laptop screen, so the glare doesn't stop you from working in the fresh air.

    3. Turn a blow-up pool into an outdoor mattress for movie nights under the stars.

    4. Scrub your metal tools and furniture with cola and aluminum foil to eliminate rust.

    5. Thread fairy lights through a watering can to make your garden look magical, even in the dark.

    6. Hang Mason jars from the trees to light up the night.

    7. And wrap tree trunks in string lights to make your yard luminous.

    8. Cut up a few 2x4s to build a life-size Jenga game.

    9. String up a hula hoop tent to make a shady nook for reading or napping.

    10. Wrap noodles around a plastic container to make a floating beverage holder.

    11. Attach knobs to a wood board to make an attractive grill set holder.

    12. Cut up a few reclaimed boards to make a walkway through the dirt.

    13. Scrub down a greasy grill with lemon, salt, and aluminum foil.

    14. Tie up a bed sheet to hang from a cozy hammock.

    15. Glue pavers to pallets to build an outdoor bar that will come in handy when you're entertaining.

    16. Thread 4x4s through cinder blocks to make a simple bench.

    17. Set up a game of ladder golf for a lawn game that requires little effort but involves a lot of fun.

    18. Take the top off an old table to build a garden if you don't want to crawl on the ground while you tend to your greens.

    19. Spray-paint the grass to make a Twister board that won't be as slippery as the real thing.

    20. Attach climbing holds to an exterior wall for a climbing wall for hours of fun.

    21. Build a fire pit to roast marshmallows on cool summer nights.

    22. Stick plastic flamingos in sand to make a decorative lawn game.

    23. Paint animal figurines to turn your garden into a tiny safari.

    24. Mount a bottle opener to a plank of wood so you always know where to find it.

    25. Hang a pallet board to keep all of the pool toys and cleaning tools in one place.

    26. And always mow midmorning so your lawn grows clean and healthy.