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    21 Ways To Turn Your Backyard Into A Magical Freaking Oasis

    I will take my tea in the garden, today and every day after that, thank you.

    Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

    1. Turn rainy-day games into outdoor fun for all ages.

    See how to make this giant Jenga on A Beautiful Mess. Check out 27 Insanely Fun Outdoor Games You'll Want To Play All Summer Long if you are looking for a few more ideas.

    2. Or bend a few flexible PEX pipes to create your own Quidditch pitch. / Via

    Learn how to set up your own Quidditch match with Simple Stylings.

    3. Attach some hairpin legs to a painted pine round for a useful side table. / Via

    Learn how to make the side table on Lidy Dipert, and how to weatherproof it on This Old House.

    4. Build your own private cabana to get some shade on sunnier days.

    Learn how to make this copper cabana with Homemade by Carmona. Spray paint PVC pipe to make this even cheaper. If you don't want to spend cash on outdoor curtains, a shower curtain should do the trick.

    5. Assemble a wind chime to create soothing sound vibes.

    See the tutorial on Chica and Jo.

    6. Take another whack at gardening — with reinforcements.

    This self-watering pot from Susan Guagliumi's "Handmade for the Garden: 75 Ingenious Ways to Enhance Your Outdoor Space with DIY Tools, Pots, Supports, Embellishments & More" ($27.50) is as adorable as it is life-saving (literally, your plants will thank you). Get the instructions here here.

    7. Or hang a plant from a few T-Shirts you've strung together so it gets the best light in the house.

    See how to crochet your old shirts together for a gorgeous hanging basket on Jennifer Perkins.

    8. Burn a citronella candle to make sure the bugs don't bite.

    Get the recipe for this citronella candle on Burkatron. If candlemaking isn't your thing you can buy a pretty citronella candle on Amazon for $16.99.

    9. Light up your deck with colorful fabric lanterns.

    See the video tutorial on Blitsy.

    10. Or string up fairy lights to make summer nights more inviting. / Via

    See this patio on Apartment Therapy. Get solar powered string lights on Amazon for $16.99.

    11. Throw up a projector screen and watch a film while you're at it.

    See how to make the movie screen out of canvas and tent poles on Camille Styles. You can get a pretty decent projector on Amazon for $40, but if you're movie night is more spontaneous, try making one out of a shoebox and your phone.

    12. Tie dye a hammock to swing in style.

    Get the tie dye instructions from Studio DIY.

    13. Paint your front door to make your home a landmark.

    No one needs Google Maps when you have a purple door. Learn how to paint your door without taking the entire thing apart on Cuckoo 4 Design.

    14. Cozy up with weather-resistant pillows.

    Learn how to make a no-sew pillow that works outside (or indoors!) with a scrap of fabric and grocery bags on One O.

    15. Snag some pallet boards from your local hardware or grocery store and pile cushions on top for a cozy couch.

    Outdoor furniture is hella expensive whereas all you need to purchase for this pallet couch from The Merry Thought is the cushions.

    16. Keep blankets, cushions, and towels dry in an outdoor storage ottoman.

    You can purchase a really pretty rattan storage ottoman from Urban Outfitters for $149 or you can make your own with an old terra cotta pot and a coat of paint. See the tutorial on BuzzFeed Nifty Outdoors.

    See more of this gorgeous backyard on Tiny Canal Cottage.

    17. String up a tree swing for a nostalgic influence.

    Learn how to build this swing on Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom.

    18. Lay some carpet to add a punch of pattern to your porch.

    See this patio on The Jungalow. You can buy this rug for $55 or you can learn how to stencil your own on Everyday Dishes.

    19. Dress up a cooler to avoid having to head back inside for a second drink.

    Check out how to easily update a cooler with a coat of paint and a strip of contact paper on Almost Makes Perfect.

    20. Spray paint a cheap set of lawn chairs for a funky but practical place to kick back.

    Get the tutorial on Dans Le Lakehouse.

    21. Build a fire pit for chillier nights...and roasting marshmallows.

    Get the tutorial on Dream Green DIY.

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