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    32 Pieces Of Clothing From Target That Inspired Hundreds Of People To Leave A Five-Star Review

    Loose-fitting camis, distressed cutoffs, and sleeveless dresses are essential staples of a summer wardrobe.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A pair of lounge pants, because the only good part about working from home is that you can wear pajamas all day, every day.

    Model wearing the gray sweatpants

    2. A T-shirt dress that says, "I am casual, but also so, so cool." 😎

    Model wearing the grey T-shirt dress

    3. A lightweight tank top for those brutally sweaty summer days that are right around the corner.

    Model wearing the light blue tank top

    4. A one-piece bathing suit that is flirty, fun, and won't need to be readjusted every five seconds when you're just trying to relax in the heat.

    Model wearing the black one-piece with deep lace V-neck

    5. A pair of denim shorts if you realized that the ones you have from last summer are all stretched out, and you're ready for an upgrade.

    Model wearing the distressed jean shorts

    6. A long, open cardigan that you can throw over pretty much any outfit when the A/C is cranked up so high that you're shivering.

    Model wearing the long open cardigan in royal blue

    7. A hipster bikini bottom for having full coverage if you don't like having your booty on display when you're going for a dip.

    8. A slim fit tank top, because you need something with nice, clean lines to pair with your flowy skirts and pants.

    Model wearing the tank top in yellow

    9. A ballet dress with that classic swoosh that makes a simple dress seem so darn romantic.

    Model wearing the A-line T-shirt dress in light blue

    10. A pencil skirt if you're building a chic new wardrobe for whenever your office reopens.

    Model wearing the black knit pencil skirt

    11. A lightweight cami that says "Don't bother me, I'm on vacation," even if you're just spending your lunch break sunbathing in the backyard.

    Model wearing the leaf-patterned, orange and pink, spaghetti strap tank

    12. A five-pack of briefs, because it's about time they made a pair of underwear that are actually comfortable and full-coverage!

    Model wearing the grey full-coverage underwear

    13. A striped T-shirt that is simple and classy without being boring or sloppy.

    Model wearing the black and white striped tee

    14. A pair of jeggings if you want the stretch of PJs but need the professionalism of a structured pair of jeans. These jeggings are the best of both worlds.

    Model wearing the black, trouser-like jeggings

    15. A tank dress that you'll want in every color when you realize how unbeatably comfy this feels.

    Model wearing the tank dress in teal

    16. A high-waisted, ruched bikini bottom so you can accentuate your gorgeous curves and match it with really any bathing suit top.

    Model wearing the bikini bottom in black

    17. A pair of distressed jeans if spending too many days in shorts and skirts results in painfully chafed thighs that are desperate for some relief.

    Model in the ripped, light wash, straight-legged jeans

    18. A padded lace bralette that is equally as comfortable as it is gorgeous.

    Model wearing the halter lace bralette

    19. A tank top with full coverage, so your bra won't peak out of the neckline.

    Model wearing the thick-strapped tank in grey

    20. A halter bikini top that big-breasted people can actually get away with wearing without worrying about a nip slip when you go for a dive.

    Model wearing the bikini top in blue

    21. A maternity crew neck tee if you're sick of spending every day in dresses that feel like a burlap sack.

    Pregnant model wearing the white T-shirt

    22. A long-sleeve shirt that is so silky smooth, future you will thank you when the colder months roll back around.

    Model wearing the long-sleeve white T-shirt

    23. A pair of opaque tights, because there is no reason you should be paying more than ten bucks on hosiery that's going to reveal a run while you're, well, on the run.

    The opaque black tights

    24. A pair of high-rise skinny jeans that you absolutely must check out if you struggle to find a pair that actually fits — these come in literally every size (including short and long).

    Model wearing the light wash skinny jeans

    25. A pair of jogger pants if you want bottoms that you can wear to the store without people suspecting that you're walking around in pajamas.

    Model wearing the grey sweatpants

    26. A knee-length T-shirt dress that will look gorgeous year-round at any occasion. Pair it with a pair of wedges for a date or your favorite sneaks for a casual day running around town with your best buds.

    Model wearing the knee-length T-shirt dress in pink

    27. A tankini bathing suit top with such cute patterns that you'll wish it was a shirt so you could wear it when you're out and about.

    Model wearing the black floral print tankini top

    28. A pair of sweat shorts if your air conditioner doesn't work as well as you'd like and loose bottoms are all you can stand in the heat.

    Model wearing the black loose shorts

    29. A cropped T-shirt that you should probably just go ahead and buy a few of because once you find the perfect crop top, it'll break your dang heart when it wears out and the style is no longer available. Trust me.

    Model wearing the white crop top

    30. A tank top with a casual but elegant silhouette that you can wear with your baggy jeans or a fancy shmancy skirt.

    Model wearing the cotton tank top in pink

    31. A seamless bra, because you would rather the thing that holds your breasts up to feel more like a glove and less like an itchy torture device.

    Model wearing the bra in black

    32. A striped tank dress that you absolutely need if you're usually decked out in black — there is absolutely no reason you have to get something *gasp* colorful in order to keep those harsh rays off your shoulders! The thin stripes on this little number are a great compromise.

    Model wearing the striped tank dress

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