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    31 Cleaning Products From Target You'll Probably End Up Using Again And Again

    Break out your rubber gloves, your spray bottle, and your scrubbing brushes, because it's time for a deep clean.

    1. A daily shower cleaner that'll keep hard water stains, mildew, and soap scum at bay. Spray it after you're done with your shower, so you can put off the heavy-duty cleaning for a few more weeks.

    A bottle of Clean Shower Daily Shower Cleaner that cleans mildew stains and prevents soap scum, hard water, and other stains

    2. A plant-based, heavy-duty degreaser for those kitchen messes that won't be managed with an average all-purpose spray. This cleaner is great for greasy hoods, microwaves, stove tops, and drip pans.

    Method's lemongrass-scented, heavy-duty degreaser with plant-based grease-cutting power that powers through grease, burnt-on messes, and splatters

    3. An aerosol glass cleaner that'll foam up in order to cling to windows, windshields, and mirrors while it dissolves all of the grime.

    The "World's Best Glass Cleaner" which is ammonia-free, streakless, and recommended by America's Leading Test Publication

    4. A two-pack of cleaning pads, so you can give your glass cooktop a good scrubbing without worrying about scratching the surface. The microtexture pad works well with just water and can be tossed in the dishwasher when it's looking a bit scuzzy.

    A model using the cleaning pad to clean a glass stovetop

    5. A microfiber cleaning pad that'll not only do a great job picking up and holding dirt, but can also be reused — just detach it from the mop and toss it in the wash when it's looking grimy. It'll be good as new.

    The Bona microfiber cleaning pad for multi-surface floors including hardwood, stone, tile, laminate, and vinyl

    6. A refillable spray bottle with an all-purpose cleaner concentrate to help reduce your plastic waste. Just fill the bottle with water, insert the cleaning concentrate, and spray!

    "A model holding the trigger on a refillable bottle of Infuse's lavender-scented, all-purpose cleaning spray

    7. A toilet-cleaning starter kit that takes the ick-factor out of cleaning the grossest part of your home. Clip the scrubbing pad onto the wand, scrub the bowl, release the pad, and flush.

    A Scrubbing Bubbles toilet cleaning system fresh brush starter kit that helps remove stains with one wand, eight citrus-scented pads, and one stand

    8. A 12-pack of stain-removing wipes, so you can easily remove tough stains the second they splash on your favorite T-shirt.

    A 12-pack of Shout's Wipe & Go instant stain remover wipes

    9. A bleach pen that'll make your grout sparkle and disappear stains from white laundry.

    Clorox's zero splash bleach pen

    10. A dish spray, so you can use less water and less elbow grease when you're doing the dishes.

    A model spraying Dawn's Platinum Powerwash Dish Spray on a sink full of dirty dishes

    11. A two-pack of extra-durable MagicErasers for those messes that immediately set off alarm bells. You'll feel a lot less anxious about household stains and stubborn grime when you have these pads in your cleaning caddy.

    A MagicEraser cleaning crayon off a wall

    12. A cube-shaped scrubbing sponge that will smell less, last longer, feel more comfortable in your hand, and look so much cuter on your kitchen counter than your regular sponge.

    A model holding a pink, cube-shaped sponge with a soft side and a scrubby side

    13. A two-pack of latex gloves to keep your hands clean, dry, and protected against any solutions you may be using. These 12-inch-long gloves have a cotton-flock lining that will insulate your hands against extreme temperatures and an embossed nonslip grip that will give you the traction you need to get the job done well.

    A model wearing a pair of light blue gloves wiping down a mirror

    14. An adhesive remover that'll take the frustration out of cleaning up sticky messes.

    Goo Gone Spray Gel goo and adhesive remover for gum, goo, tree sap, candle wax, glue, crayons, stickers, and tape

    15. A long bristle brush for all of those hard-to-reach places where dirt, dust, and grime love to hide and collect.

    A model using a long bristle brush to clean in the space between the refrigerator and the cabinets

    16. A kitchen appliance cleaning set that'll basically feel like investing in four great tools in one extremely compact package. Each brush is designed to allow you to gently scrape and scrub even the most awkward crevices.

    A pair of double-sided brushes held together with a clip

    17. A 38-pack of laundry detergent discs with oxygenated bleach, so you don't have to worry about pretreating every stain before tossing the item into the washing machine.

    Persil's ProClean detergent discs with Oxi-Power Technology that deep clean, deliver long-lasting freshness, and offer fiber care

    18. A container of scented beads that'll basically act as deodorant for your clothes. They'll keep your clothes smelling like fresh blossoms from the moment you take them out of the wash until you're ready to clean them again.

    A bottle of Downy's sport odor defense beads that provide all-day odor neutralization

    19. A five-pack of washing machine cleaning tablets to prevent soap scum, mold, and mildew. You better believe that the build-up of gunk is going to make your clothes smell a little funky.

    A 5-month supply of Affresh washing machine cleaner that is designed to remove odor-causing residues and grime daily loads leave behind

    20. A 25-pack of electronic wipes that'll make your smudgy screens and sticky keyboards sparkle.

    A pack of Windex's wipes that are safe to use on TVs, phones, and other electronics and leave a streak-free shine

    21. A Swiffer Duster starter kit for those inaccessible areas that harbor the dust mites that keep setting off sneezing attacks.

    A Swiffer Duster angled to clean the top of a ceiling fan blade

    22. A fabric refresher, so you can keep your couch, pillows, backpacks, and all of the other items that don't get a good wash very often smelling like they were just professionally cleaned.

    Febreze's ocean-scented fabric spray

    23. A two-pack of microfiber cloths because they'll be less wasteful, more absorbent, and better at picking up dirt and germs than paper towels.

    A turquoise microfiber cloth with a striped texture

    24. A three-pack of stainless-steel scrubbing pads for those times when elbow grease just isn't enough.

    The scrubbing pads that are safe to use on non-coated cookware, grill grates, broiler pans, and more!

    25. A hardwood floor cleaner, so you don't warp your gorgeous floors by using too much water when you clean them.

    A bottle of Bona's PowerPlus hardwood floor cleaner that dries fast and doesn't leave a residue

    26. A carpet cleaner with a built-in scrubbing brush, so you don't have to pull out five different tools to get the job done.

    A model using Woolite's Insta-Clean stain remover to scrub a soda spill off of a rug

    27. A rust remover that'll totally blow you away once you see how quickly it works.

    Whink's Rust Stain Remover quickly and easily removes rust stains from white sinks, white toilet bowls, and colorfast fabrics. It's safe on pipes and septic systems

    28. A clog remover because allowing the water line to inch past your ankles will surely leave some ugly marks.

    A model pouring Liquid Plumr Clog Destroyer Gel with PipeGuard down the shower drain

    29. A spin mop and bucket system that'll wring out excess water with just a tap of your foot.

    The mop in the spin bucket

    30. An oven cleaner, so you can stop setting the smoke alarm off every time you cook.

    Easy-Off's Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner cleans tough, baked-on spills in five minutes

    31. A stainless-steel cleaner and polish because your appliance are not quite as "stainless" as you would like. This solution will not only remove residue, fingerprints, and water spots but it will also prevent a buildup in the future.

    Weiman's Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish fights fingerprints better than all-purpose cleaners and leaves a streak-free shine

    Just like magic, your cleaning is done!

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