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    30 Pieces Of Bedding From Walmart That Only Look Expensive

    Treat yourself to a marbled pillow, a vintage quilt, a jewel-toned blanket, or a set of satin sheets.

    1. A mélange-edge quilt set which sounds pretty fancy, if you ask me.

    2. A four-piece set of satin sheets because you are so glamorous, that you should always be dripping in gold.

    3. A pintuck duvet that, I swear, I purchased at five times the price. I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.

    4. A vintage-pattern quilt set so you can spend every morning pretending to be waking up on a luxurious Palm Springs vacation.

    5. A marbled pillow that'll totally shine, no matter what else you've used to dress up your mattress.

    6. An icy-gray heated blanket so you can stay warm without sacrificing on style.

    7. A three-piece duvet cover set that you need if you've spent a few too many nights counting sheep.

    8. A luxury sheet set — it's made from sustainably-sourced bamboo so you can feel as good about your purchase as the sheets do on your skin.

    9. An Egyptian cotton blanket if you need to add an extra layer of warmth, but make it luxe.

    10. A textured-and-tasseled throw pillow to incorporate into your artfully designed bedding set.

    11. A jewel-toned herringbone blanket because it's amazingly plush to the touch.

    12. A velvet bed-in-a-bag that I'm totally crushing on.

    13. A thermal blanket if you've been waffling on how to dress up your bed this winter.

    14. An elegant set of 100% cotton sheets so you don't have to get a hotel room just to feel like you're living a life of luxury.

    15. A body pillow cover that is such a s-teal.

    16. A lovely quilt so you can deck out your country-chic room without *chambray-king* your budget.

    17. A wavy chevron comforter if you're into that ~messily made~ look.

    18. A sultry set of silky sheets that'll be unbelievably satisfying to slide into after a long day.

    19. A pillow sham because it's elegant and attractive but still neutral enough that it won't *ruffle* any feathers.

    20. A throw blanket that you can wrap yourself in whenever you're in need of a big bear hug.

    21. A microfiber duvet that'll make you feel like a toasty bun in the oven.

    22. A dainty comforter if you're a lady in the sheets and a freak in the streets.

    23. A sweater-like quilt cover that you won't want to leave on those brisk winter mornings.

    24. A wrinkle-resistant sheet set so that your bed will still look neat and tidy, even if you were tossing and turning all night long.

    25. Or an embroidered sheet set because it's all in the details when it comes to decorating your home.

    26. A faux fur comforter because you deserve to feel fabulous when you're getting your beauty rest.

    27. A lightweight quilt that'll look beautiful even when you "forget" to make your bed in the morning.

    28. An art deco pillow because you just know it will look fantastic on your bedspread.

    29. A velvet quilt set that is worth every single penny (but don't worry, you're not going to have to use too many pennies).

    30. A faux fur throw — it's so soft, you'll be petting it like it's a new puppy you just brought home yesterday.

    Bedtime has never been this glamorous.

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