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34 Cute Valentine Cards That You'll Actually Want To Make

The amount of cheese in these cards will give you some serious indigestion.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

Whether it's your best friend, partner, brother, or mother, you've gotta give your person the sweetest, goofiest, gooiest card you possibly can.


It's Valentine's Day, so suck it up and pick a card to make for them.

1. If your favorite human is really smart:

Use your X-Acto knife to throw this baby together. Get a downloadable cutout on Assemble Shop.

2. Or if you think they are a work of art:

Cut out your smushiest, gooiest pics and decorate them with hand-drawn frames. See the tutorial on Brit+Co.

3. If you want to fold them in your arm:

See it step-by-step on BHLDN.

4. If you sometimes think they belong on a farm:

You'll need a mini honeycomb for this one. See the tutorial on Make and Tell.

5. If they make you feel kinda horny:

Look What I Made will show you how to make this card with watercolors and a crayon. Dirty message optional.

6. If they make you act all weird and corny:

Googly eyes and glue forever. See it on Kendall Jackson.

7. If the one you love is kind of a geek:

You'll need wood veneer tape ($8.99) and a glue gun for this one. See the tutorial on North Story.

8. If the one you love is a bit of a freak:

Overload on cuteness with the Valentine's Day card roundup on Make and Tell.

9. For a love that is delicious:

Learn how to use the root of your celery as a stamp on Maureen Cracknell Handmade.

10. Or if the way you show your love is more ambitious:

Angela Poegman / Via

Use foam to make this reusable heart stamp. Learn how to make it on Scrapbook Adhesive.

11. For the one that lights your fire:

Use a matchbook from your first date for extra gooey-ness. See it on Real Simple.

12. For the one you truly admire:

You'll need acrylic paint, dish soap, and a white crayon. Watch the full tutorial on Toy Caboodle.

13. For the one that makes you swoon:

All you need for this one is some ink and a thumb! See the steps on Simply Kierste.

14. For the one that shoots you over the moon:

You'll need a circle punch to make your moon. See how to make it on Hello Wonderful.

15. If your honey loves a good book:

See it on Better Homes & Gardens. Draw up a library card and learn how to make a pocket here.

16. Or if their arms are your favorite nook:

Just paint a plastic spoon with a bottle of old goopy nail polish. See it on Kittenhood.

17. For the one you just can't LEGO: ©

Steal a few corner blocks from your kids and paint them with your nail polish. Find more details on Kraft Mint.

18. For the one that makes your heart glow:

Just sew a few stitches and dot a few dots and you're in business. See instructions on Kanelstrand.

19. For the person that pulls at your heartstrings:

Poke holes with a push pin and sew up your heart with some baker's twine. See Destination Decoration for details.

20. For the one that will stick around, no matter what life brings:

Use Washi Tape to add a fun pattern to simple cards. See how to make these on Nouvelle Daily.

21. For the one that makes you feel love sick:

Just glue on a few dollar store bugs and you're in business. See it on Say Yes.

22. If your person is so cute, they should be in a chick flick:

Put some popcorn in the microwave and get out your markers. You can get a printable on Nicole Oneill or draw it yourself!

23. For the person that is your rock:

See Little Lovables for how to make this with a rock, Sharpies, and a glue gun.

24. For the geek you sometimes love to mock:

Conductive ink is cool. Try it out with Popular Science.

25. For the one who always makes you laugh:

Get the printable version on Twine & Table.

26. If you kinda want their autograph:

Throwing this together is a snap. All you need is a brad fastener and a hole punch. See the tutorial on HGTV.

27. For the one that makes you feel warm and fuzzy:

Draw your sheep and glue on some pom pom balls. See it on Hello Wonderful. You can also make yarn pom poms if you're feeling patient.

28. For the one that is your best buddy:

Learn how to make a tiny stamp out of a pencil eraser on Brit+Co.

29. For the one that makes your heart soar like a bird:

See the full tutorial on Youtube.

30. If the one you love is a bit of a nerd:

Just print out your favorite Star Wars and attach Pixy Stix or a glow stick for the lightsaber. Get some printables on The Idea Room.

31. If your person is all for a good pun:

All you need for this is your crochet hooks and an Eos lip balm. See how to make this on Petals to Picots.

32. If your person is always lots of fun:

Watch the full tutorial on Youtube.

33. For the one you freakin' love to death:

You could either use some pretty string or a glue gun to attach your dinosaur. See the tutorial on Sweet C's Designs.

34. For the one you would kiss even with bad breath:

All of these from Lauren Conrad are ridiculously cute and easy to throw together with the crap you have lying around. Gum? Check. Buttons? Check. Broken ruler? One second... *Snap*... Check.

Love is weird.