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34 Cute Valentine Cards That You'll Actually Want To Make

The amount of cheese in these cards will give you some serious indigestion.

Whether it's your best friend, partner, brother, or mother, you've gotta give your person the sweetest, goofiest, gooiest card you possibly can.

1. If your favorite human is really smart:

2. Or if you think they are a work of art:

3. If you want to fold them in your arm:

4. If you sometimes think they belong on a farm:

5. If they make you feel kinda horny:

6. If they make you act all weird and corny:

7. If the one you love is kind of a geek:

8. If the one you love is a bit of a freak:

9. For a love that is delicious:

10. Or if the way you show your love is more ambitious:

11. For the one that lights your fire:

12. For the one you truly admire:

13. For the one that makes you swoon:

14. For the one that shoots you over the moon:

15. If your honey loves a good book:

16. Or if their arms are your favorite nook:

17. For the one you just can't LEGO:

18. For the one that makes your heart glow:

19. For the person that pulls at your heartstrings:

20. For the one that will stick around, no matter what life brings:

21. For the one that makes you feel love sick:

22. If your person is so cute, they should be in a chick flick:

23. For the person that is your rock:

24. For the geek you sometimes love to mock:

25. For the one who always makes you laugh:

26. If you kinda want their autograph:

27. For the one that makes you feel warm and fuzzy:

28. For the one that is your best buddy:

29. For the one that makes your heart soar like a bird:

30. If the one you love is a bit of a nerd:

31. If your person is all for a good pun:

32. If your person is always lots of fun:

33. For the one you freakin' love to death:

34. For the one you would kiss even with bad breath:

Love is weird.