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48 Moments From "OITNB" Season 3 That We'll Never Forget


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4. When Bennett proposed to his girlfriend and baby mama, Dayanara (Dascha Polanco), with a ring made of a gum wrapper.

It does not get sweeter than this.

5. And when, after visiting Aleida's (Elizabeth Rodriguez) boyfriend Cesar (Berto Colon), Bennett freaked out and left town.

And he was never heard from again in Season 3.


8. When Litchfield electrician Luschek (Matt Peters) threw Nicky under the bus after the officers found the heroin under his desk and she was immediately dragged off to the maximum security prison down the hill.

Just like every viewer, her prison mom, Red (Kate Mulgrew), and best friend, Lorna (Yael Stone), barely get to say goodbye and were inconsolable.


13. When Flaca (Jackie Cruz) landed herself in Litchfield because she sold placebos that led one of her classmates to jump off the roof of their high school.

14. And when Flaca learned the true definition of irony when she was staffed on the new prison job: sewing underwear.


She'd started selling faux drugs to avoid becoming her mother, who was a seamstress. And then, she was thrown in jail and forced to sew all day. Karma, man.


19. When Piper started a new business venture — selling used panties to creepy people on the internet — and had the best monologue in the show's history.

Her only good moment, TBH.

20. When the most shocking flashback to date revealed that Leanne (Emma Myles) grew up Amish!!!!!!


She returned to her community to be baptized, but left a backpack with drugs and her ID in the bushes for the cops to find.


26. And when Sophia (Laverne Cox) shoved Gloria (Selenis Leyva) against a tiled wall.


The two were fighting because, after Sophia's wife and son gave Gloria's son a ride to Litchfield, Sophia's son began acting out. Sophia blamed Gloria, but Gloria defended her kid.

28. When Angie was mistaken for another inmate and accidentally released!


She made it to the bus station, but couldn't think of anywhere to go, so Caputo (Nick Sandow) found her sitting on a bench and brought her back to Litchfield.

29. When Poussey and Suzanne made up.

If you forgot, Suzanne beat the crap out of Poussey in Season 2 after Vee told her to do so.

33. And when Aleida told Delia Powell (Mary Steenburgen), who was going to adopt the baby thinking it was her son's, that the baby died. But then we saw Daya holding her daughter, alive and well.

At least she sort of lied for good this time?

35. When Big Boo and Pennsatucky drugged Coates in an effort to get payback.


Pennsatucky was about to sodomize him was a broomstick, but couldn't go through with it, saying she just felt sad, and revenge wouldn't stop that.

37. When Sophia was thrown into SHU for her so-called "protection."


She tried to speak up after her attack, but the new jail management threw her into solitary to keep her quiet.

44. When Piper hid a bunch of contraband in Stella's bunk two days before her release as payback for stealing her money.

Trust no bitch, remember?

46. When they all found serenity in the lake right outside the prison.

And Soso made new friends!

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