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    Rihanna Weighed In On A "Real Housewives" Argument After Two Cast Members Name Dropped Her On TV, And I'm Screaming

    "What was said?"

    Rihanna has never tried to hide her appreciation for Bravo reality shows.

    See: this Instagram post from 2018 where the musician and Fenty Beauty founder refers to a Vanderpump Rules scene as "easily the best clip on TV."

    So, naturally, Rihanna was watching when two Real Housewives of New York City cast members mentioned her during a new episode this week.

    Rihanna is photographed exiting a vehicle in New York City

    The name drop came amid an argument between Leah McSweeney and Ramona Singer.

    In a truly iconic move, Rihanna didn't just acknowledge the women's tense exchange on Instagram — she inserted herself into the drama.

    Rihanna is pictured on the set of her new music video in July 2021

    "What was said @ramonasinger?" she captioned an Instagram post, which included a selfie of Rihanna wearing sunglasses and a "Bitch Mob" t-shirt, as well as a clip from the Real Housewives.

    Leah quickly reposted the photo.

    I'm honestly a tiny bit bummed to report that this very meta Housewives saga didn't unfold further from there. Suddenly, all I want is Rihanna live-tweeting RHONY for the rest of the season.