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    Pete Davidson And Machine Gun Kelly Went Live Again On Calvin Klein's Instagram

    ICYMI, they did a half-nude "campaign" video for the brand on Monday.

    Pete Davidson and Machine Gun Kelly were the focus of Calvin Klein's Instagram page again yesterday, after the Saturday Night Live star initially took over the brand's account with his friend one night earlier.

    The besties on the red carpet for a Big Time Adolescence event

    Unlike the pair's first livestream this week, both Pete and MGK were fully clothed during their second and most recent joint appearance on CK's social media profile.

    This time, they got manicures while chatting about their friendship and MGK's bond with Pete's grandfather.

    They also discussed plans for a future Calvin Klein promo. "I still think we should be in a bubble bath," Pete suggested. "We should wash each other in our Calvins, in our undies...and feed each other apples and stuff."

    Pete and MGK laughing

    "I agree," replied MGK, with a loofah already in hand.

    All signs point to an imminent partnership between the comedian — whose headshot is still featured as Calvin Klein's Instagram avatar — and the designer clothing company. But we don't know anything about it yet, nor can we make any reasonable assumptions based on the confounding range of digital campaign content presented to us so far.

    Both the previous screenshot and one below are moments from Pete and MGK's debut on Calvin Klein's Instagram Live Monday evening, so as far as anticipating what's to come next, your guess is as good as ours.

    The two friends, only in their Calvin Klein underwear, goofing around in a living room as MGK pours popcorn out of a bowl into Pete's mouth

    Still not sure what's happening here? Yeah. Me neither.