"Love Is Blind" Star Natalie Has Responded To Those Rumors About Her And Sal Dating

    Some Instagram exchanges caused fans to question the nature of their relationship.

    A lot has happened since Love Is Blind wrapped, with romances fizzling out for some couples and sparking for others. The former was true in Natalie Lee and Shayne Jansen's case.

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    The exes revealed during Love Is Blind's reunion that, following their breakup on the show, they gave the relationship another try before ultimately parting ways again.

    Anyway, Shayne was asked about their current status on Instagram yesterday, and his response was really something.

    From his IG story: "I've been silent for too long AMA"; "Do you and Natalie hate each other now?"; "Ask@Salvadior08"

    But as much as some folks might like to believe that Natalie started dating Love Is Blind costar Salvador Perez after filming wrapped, that theory is apparently way off base.

    Despite the Instagram banter that sparked rumors of potential romance, Natalie confirmed recently that she and Sal are just friends. "I'm close to Sal," she said during an appearance on the Tea With Publyssity podcast. "I know there's been speculation: 'Are you and Sal dating?' We are not."

    Natalie sitting and smiling with two people behind her holding glasses

    "We're just really, really close friends," Natalie continued, noting that their friendship is one she "really [appreciates]" before highlighting some of Sal's best qualities.

    Natalie looking serious

    "He's a very honest person," she shared. "I feel like when I talk with him, what you see is what you get, if that makes sense?"

    She continued, "I also love his calm demeanor. I'm just like, 'Wow, every time I talk to you, I just feel a bit better and a bit more calm.'"

    In general, Natalie isn't "actively dating" anyone right now, but she said she's "exploring some things" since closing the book on her ex Shayne. "No one from the cast," she noted.

    You can check out the podcast episode here.