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    Leonardo DiCaprio Apparently Gave Amy Schumer The Green Light To Make That Joke About Him Dating Younger Women At The Oscars

    "He said, 'Go ahead.'"

    There were quite a few memorable moments at this year's Oscars — and one of them was delivered by Amy Schumer, at the expense of Leonardo DiCaprio and his history of, um, dating much younger women.

    "Leonardo DiCaprio, what can I even say about him?" began Amy from the Academy Awards stage. "He's done so much to fight climate change and leave behind a cleaner, greener planet for his girlfriends."

    close up of Amy Schumer

    Well, it turns out the Life & Beth star — who co-hosted the ceremony alongside Wanda Sykes and Regina Hall — ran her joke past Leo before the show took place, and he apparently green-lit it himself.

    Amy Schumer, Wanda Sykes and Regina Hall on stage hosting the Oscars

    "He said, 'Go ahead,'" recalled Amy during an appearance on The Howard Stern Show yesterday. Referencing both the Don't Look Up actor and his long-term partner, who's been romantically linked to Leo since around 2017, she added, "They don't care."

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    "You know, Cami — his girlfriend — is, like, the shit. She's actually the coolest bitch you'll meet," said Amy. "And yeah, they don't...they don't care."

    Leo at a Netflix event

    Leo wasn't the only celebrity who received a heads-up from Amy prior to the Oscars. "To be honest, I did reach out to people that I was going to joke about before," she explained.

    "I made sure it was OK with them because I've been burned too many times, and I didn't want the camera to cut to somebody looking sad. So, I told the Williams sisters, told Will [Smith], told Leo..."

    Some of her jokes still drew criticism from the public, though, with an unaired line about Alec Baldwin, and another about Kirsten Dunst as a "seat-filler" — which we did see on TV — sparking particular backlash.

    It sounds like Kirsten was in on the joke, but Amy told Howard Stern that she still received "death threats" from viewers over it.

    "I got death threats. I got the Secret Service reaching out to me," she said. "I'm like, 'Oh, I think you have the wrong number. This is Amy, not Will.' Not that I want Will to get death threats [but] the misogyny is unbelievable."

    You can check out part of Amy's interview here, or via the clip above.