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    Christy Carlson Romano Suggested A Dinner Conversation With Katy Perry Might Have Landed The Singer Her First Big Record Deal

    Christy detailed the saga in a YouTube video called "How Katy Perry Got My Record Deal."

    Most of us remember Christy Carlson Romano from her Disney days, starring opposite Shia LaBeouf in Even Stevens. We've been seeing more of the actor again lately on YouTube, where she hosts a channel focused on career anecdotes and personal stories.

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    One of Christy's latest videos detailed an early 2000s foray into the music industry, which surprisingly involved Katy Perry.

    The video, titled "How Katy Perry Got My Record Deal," chronicled a contract with record executive Jason Flom that Christy supposedly lost to Katy.

    Basically, Christy recorded a track called "Just a Song," where Katy was the demo singer, while working with Jason and a group called the Matrix. The group was also working with Katy, and it sounds like both young artists were hoping to secure record deals with similar labels at the time.

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    In the midst of all this, Christy said she and Katy met at a dinner with other musicians, and she told her about Jason, recording "Just a Song," and the potential record deal. Christy learned a month later that she didn't have a contract "but Katy Perry did."

    "So, there you go guys. That's the tea," Christy concluded. "I don't know if she [Katy] was just using her sense to say to herself, 'Wow Jason is in the market for this kind of voice.' Or maybe she had a conversation that had already started with him."

    "Does it matter?" she continued. "Not really, but I will say this. Record companies aren't going to take on more than a few of the same kind of singer. So that means that she was my 'direct competition,' if you will, in the running spot for Jason to hire or take on someone for that record contract."

    Christy emphasized that she has "no ill feelings" toward Katy whatsoever, loves her voice, and is happy that she isn't a recording artist, so it definitely seems like everything turned out as it was meant to in the end. You can check out Christy's full video here.