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    Christy Carlson Romano Wishes She Had Known More About Shia LaBeouf's Home Life When They Were Filming "Even Stevens"

    "I really do kind of wish — if I'd known anything about him, I could have been, I don't know, more patient?"

    Christy Carlson Romano ruled the Disney scene back in the early '00s.

    Christy in a leopard print dress at a red carpet event

    From roles in Cadet Kelly to starring as the titular character in the animated series Kim Possible, Christy has done it all, but she's mostly known as the older sister from the sitcom Even Stevens, alongside Shia LaBeouf.

    A promotional photo featuring the family from Even Stevens holding up an oversized picture frame

    Christy spends her days now raising her two children with her husband, Brendan Rooney, and making online content.

    In a new YouTube video titled "Why I Don't Talk To Shia LaBeouf," Christy opened up about their relationship since the show ended in 2003.

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    "To be honest, I don't even really know if we were ever really friends," she shared. "We were coworkers. We had this, sort of, very good onscreen chemistry. People assumed we were in real life brother and sister. And that in real life I had an influence over what this guy did. Watch Honey Boy, and it's like he's a completely traumatized young man at the same time that I'm working with him."

    Shia standing in front of a poster for Honey Boy

    She admitted that she had no idea of the extent of his home-life situation while they were filming their show.

    "I just kick myself because I really do kind of wish — if I'd known anything about him, I could have been, I don't know, more patient? But I was dealing with my own thing," she explained. "I was moving cross country for the opportunity. I was sad about a breakup when I was 16, and I was dealing with my own drama."

    After years away from the spotlight, she's also been able to reflect on the negative emotions that came along with being young and ambitious in Hollywood, which may have led to a strain in their relationship.

    "Something that actually really hurt my feelings was when he won his Emmy award, and he was on the podium," she revealed. "I was sitting there with the rest of our team and he thanked everybody at the table, but he didn't thank me. I was hurt at the time because I felt like since day one, it was him and me. It was our show."

    Now, more than a decade later, she still wishes her TV brother all the success and happiness in the world.

    "Shia, if you see this, know that I love you. I'm sorry we didn't connect more when we were kids," she shared. "And I hope that you are taking it one day at a time. ... Be well, because I'll always love you."