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    Ariana Grande Said She "Had A Heart Attack" When She Heard Her Song Playing On "Gossip Girl"

    "I was a young girl watching Gossip Girl religiously growing up."

    Whether you're shuffling through Spotify playlists, listening to the radio, grabbing a coffee, or watching TV, it typically doesn't take long to hear Ariana Grande singing.

    Ariana posing at the Grammys in a strapless tulle gown with matching gloves
    David Crotty / Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

    The Grammy winner has given pop music dozens of hits through most of the last decade, and whenever she releases a new one, it usually seems as if we're hearing her voice everywhere for some time.

    There's no way Ariana isn't used to the wide-ranging exposure by now. But in an interview for Allure's latest cover story, the star said she still gets emotional about it sometimes, especially when her songs are featured in places that feel meaningful to her.

    Ariana performing onstage
    Kevin Mazur / Getty Images for iHeartMedia

    Hilariously enough, the memorable spot Ariana referenced during her Allure interview was the Gossip Girl reboot's pilot episode.

    Those who followed the HBO Max revival this summer might remember that its title sequence sneaked up on us and revealed itself about 20 minutes into the first episode, alongside Kristen Bell's iconic narration.

    Gossip Girl title card
    HBO Max

    It was a fun surprise for viewers and, apparently, a real shock to Ariana — who definitely didn't expect to hear "Positions" playing on the soundtrack.

    "gossipgirl tagged you in a post"
    HBO Max

    She re-created her reaction during the Allure interview, which went like this: "Excuse me!" she said. "Does anyone want to warn me when fucking titles are going to come in and Kristen Bell's voice is going to start saying Gossip Girl stuff and my song's going to be in the background?"

    Ariana continued, "Does anyone want to just warn me? Because I had a heart attack."

    Ariana on the red carpet
    Angela Weiss / AFP via Getty Images

    "You know, like, I was a young girl watching Gossip Girl religiously growing up," she explained. "And then I'm sitting here..."

    You can check out Ariana's full Allure interview here!

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