Angus Cloud Is Jacob Elordi's Biggest Fan, And I Will Just Be Watching This TikTok He Made About It On Repeat

    "Yo, what's hanging bro!"

    If you're not following Angus Cloud on TikTok, you probably should be. The actor gave a shoutout to his Euphoria co-star Jacob Elordi in a new social media video, and it might be his funniest yet.

    Most of us recognize Angus for his fan-favored performance as Fezco throughout Euphoria's first two seasons.

    On the show, the vibe between their characters was quite far from friendly.

    Angus and Jacob are definitely pals behind the scenes, though, as you can see from this TikTok from yesterday. "Walking around, minding my own business as usual," Angus said. "Guess who I run into?"

    It was Jacob — flexing his biceps while posing on the cover of Men's Health. "Yo, what's hanging bro!" Angus continued as he held the issue close to his phone screen. "Everything good with you, man?"

    Zoom-in of Jacob Elordi's Men's Health cover.

    Angus proceeded to praise his buddy's physique before reading some of the magazine headlines aloud. "You look like you've been working out or something. You feel me?" he laughed, then turned to examine the cover. "Yeah, 'Get Back In Shape.' I heard that."

    Angus Cloud on TikTok

    "Holler at my brother, Jacob," Angus added. "Good to see you, brother. Ima catch you soon."

    The cast of "Euphoria" posing for a selfie.

    For more casual hilarity — like this clip from February, where Angus whips out a copy of Cosmopolitan in the airport and asks Sydney Sweeney, who's on the cover, "What are you doing here, sis?" — check out his TikTok account. You won't regret it!