Prince Harry Has The Time Of His Life On A Playground

    Obviously, there's nothing more fun than a swing set!

    Basically, Prince Harry started out this glorious morning by riding into a playground on a lavish carriage bicycle.

    After exchanging "hellos" with these small lads and lassies, things got a LITTLE BIT crazy.

    He LITERALLY walked a tiny, tiny tightrope.

    "HOLY SHIT. THIS TIGHT ROPE, YOU GUYS," he probably said.

    It was crazy. ALMOST as crazy as this redonculous contraption these kids introduced him to.

    Harry pushed this thing back and forth and people seemed to be super excited about it.

    And also, this kid. This kid is clearly going on an adventure today.

    Harry's strong man arms gave it their all and took these kids on the rides of their lives.

    No one was even scared or uncomfortable!

    Even Harry remained confident!

    After a few minutes or hours, Harry agreed to switch places.

    While hesitant at first, he eventually let himself enjoy the moment!