Celebrities Dancing At Coachella

You just gotta dance to the beat of your heart sometimes. You know what I mean?

1. Aaron Paul, show us what you got!


2. The “shit your pants” dance is super hot!


3. Alessandra, it’s YOUR turn, g.


4. Peace signs up and bend that knee!

5. Kendall Jenner, swing your long dress!


6. Look at you go, you’re no hot mess!

7. Ireland Baldwin, twist and shout!


8. Your pleather is cool and that’s no doubt!

9. Miles Teller, lean and snap!

Jonathan Leibson / Getty Images

10. This kind of looks dirty, maybe you should clap!

11. Zoe Kravitz, you’ve got it girl!

Jesse Grant / Getty Images

12. Side-to-side, now do a twirl!

13. Paris Hilton, your dress is crazy!

Jesse Grant / Getty Images

14. Dance the night away, till the weekend gets hazy!

15. Carmen Electra’s really serious face!

Jesse Grant / Getty Images

16. Is almost as good as her rhythmic pace.

17. Kylie and Jaden, do your thing!


18. Beep beep boppity, tingity ding!

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