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Do You Want To Know What's Really Going On In Ukraine?

Here is a great chance to get a little inside knowledge on what is really going on in Ukraine.

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One Ukrainian has made the brave leap to tell it how it is. They are currently living within a town in Ukraine that is being controlled by pro-Russian militants. They have accepted any questions (within reason), and the results have been astounding:

Some of the questions are just basic:

What things can't you do anymore?
Freely get my money from an ATM - currently the most nagging concern. And freely move around the territory that is controlled by rebels, with their checkpoints and all that.
What would you say is the biggest misconception you hear about what's going on there?
I guess it's that we're so poor that we have no problems or moral standards to prevent us from looting that downed jet. Our two oblasts are among the poorest in the country but we have moral standards too, damn it.

But others reveal the seriousness of the situation:

Do you or your family have any sort of emergency plan if things do escalate?
Alas, no. If only we had a solid plan. Although right now any solid plan can turn into shit at any minute.
Have you had problems personally? Were you attacked because you are Ukrainian?
So far I've flown under the radar. I speak Russian, I don't display any visible pro-Ukrainian leanings. Better safe than sorry.

Some are really uplifting:

Hi dear Ukrainian friend, sorry for stealing this comment, since I can't reply a non-question comment to the IAmA thread.
I'm Russian myself, and feel so very very sorry for the situation you are in right now. From the very beginning of Maidan I was worrying about your nation, same as all my friends. At the end of the day, Ukrainians and Russians are friends, at the end of the day most of us have either relatives or friends on both sides, and before this hell have happened, I didn't even think that all this hatred can come up. I still can't believe in what's happening, and what terrifies me the most, is how much people were separated by it.

And some are just strange:

I, for one, welcome our new Jew lizard overlords.

But in its totality, the thread gives a stark warning that all in Ukraine is not good. Here's to an end of the conflict.

Are you worried that this AMA might cause troubles for you since you express your feelings and opinions quite freely from an area where majority thinks quite the opposite?
I'm too small a fish to catch. I don't foul-mouth them, except for several times in this AMA, where I call them "idiots".
And I don't exactly expect for this AMA to gather a lot of attention since it's pretty specific.
And thank you.

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