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  • Made In America 2014: What It Was Like To Be In The Crowd Of The John Mayer And Yeezus Set

    John Mayer’s set causes a lot of ruckus, while Yeezus (Kanye West) inspires peace on Grand Park… Is that Jay-Z? This weekend, 50,000+ people gathered together in Downtown Los Angeles for a two-day music festival sponsored by Budweiser. With three stages and 30 acts, the event felt like the little sister to Coachella, but with much less commitment and dust. Here’s a recap of what it was like to be in the crowd for the John Mayer and Yeezus set on Day 2.

  • The 14 Types of Facebook Likes

    As we’re all sitting at home, hoping, waiting, and wishing that people will like our Facebook posts, let’s take a minute to figure out why we get likes to begin with. Here are the 14 different reasons people take the time to “click” like.

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