The 12 Most Hilariously Awkward Moments From Kyle Mooney’s Pre-"SNL" Days

Before Kyle Mooney made a sex tape with Miley Cyrus, he attended reptile conventions, interviewed baseball players, and had a real rockin’ attitude. (He still has a real rockin’ attitude.)

1. Kyle asks the questions we’re all afraid to ask.

At the reptile convention, Kyle asks a woman about her reptile’s “first slime.” She doesn’t know the answer, and neither do we.

2. Kyle knows all about reptiles.

Also at the reptile convention, Kyle asks an owner if his pet is “crannied” or “boulder.” He says “boulder,” whatever that means.

3. Kyle loves sports.

The jacket says it all.

4. Kyle’s interviewees thinks he’s on drugs.

We’re not convinced he’s not.

5. Kyle rambles when he forgets his questions.

Um, yeah?

6. Kyle gets in close.

Sometimes too close, like when he asks this Giants fan about grand slams.

7. One time he bumped into Jaime Pressly.

Apparently she likes to watch men fight and hats.

8. Kyle is human just like us, though.

He’s caught off-guard by an extreme flying motorcycle.

9. Kyle’s hard to understand.

Okay, so foreigners don’t get Kyle.

10. Kyle’s favorite team/player/coach is “Benjals.”

Go Benjals!

11. Kyle knows how to party.

This dance move can only be referred to as “punching bag swerve.”

12. Kyle has no problem getting babes.

Watch how smoothly he puts his arm around her.


Yeah, Kyle! That really just happened.

Kyle can now be seen acting all kinds of rad on HBO’s Hello Ladies and NBC’s Saturday Night Live.

You saw it here first.

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