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10 Best Things To Do In Birmingham (If You're Under 10 Years Old)

Ok, so we've recently seen a fantastic post about things to do in Birmingham (shout out to virginiaw5) which has brought attention to both some classic and up-and-coming restaurants, parks, etc. But what if you're not quite old enough to drive yourself to a steak dinner at Highlands Bar and Grill? What if you're in second grade, and you need some fun activities to procrastinate studying your multiplication tables? We know you've all got iPads now, so no fear, kids. We've got plenty of recommendations.

ellimac24601 4 years ago

Reasons Why Idina Menzel Is The Same Character In Frozen And Wicked

For all you musical theatre lovers who made it to see the new Disney movie, Frozen, this month, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that Queen Elsa is voiced by the flawless Idina Menzel (otherwise known as Elphaba in the Original Broadway Cast of Wicked). Seriously, you’d have to be either deaf or asleep not to recognize those killer vocals. But have you really thought about just how similar these two characters are? Let’s take a look.

ellimac24601 5 years ago